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Which Cleanser Is Right for Your Skin Type?

Writer and expert13 days ago
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Regardless of how skincare trends forecast, one truth that will always hold true when it comes to your regimen: your cleanser will always be #1 — literally. It comes first in your routine for a reason (and is arguably the most valuable player), it removes dirt and impurity buildup while balancing skin to provide a clean slate.

But what if we told you that tight, “squeaky clean” sensation you may be mistaking for efficacy isn’t how your skin should feel post-cleanse? In fact, quite the opposite is true. After washing your face, your complexion should feel refreshed and comfortable, never stripped or dry, making cleanser choice essential.

“If we use the wrong cleanser for your specific skin type, it can actually cause more harm than good,” Perricone MD’s Director of Education, Rosalba Martone, shares. She adds that the reason for this is it can cause your skin to become imbalanced, resulting in a variety of potential skin concerns, including sensitivity, dehydration, dullness and even superficial fine lines.

So what should you look for exactly? Martone suggests looking for a cleanser that’s formulated with hydrating ingredients, no matter your skin type, to prevent that uncomfortable dehydrated feeling after washing. Opt for ingredients like glycerin, mineral complexes (like copper) and squalane, to name a few.

Of course, the hydrating element of a cleanser isn’t the only important one. Since the rest is very dependent on your skin type, you’ll want to look for one that’s best suited to yours. Here’s what Rosalba recommends for you, plus what to avoid.

If you have normal skin, try: High Potency Classics Nutritive Cleanser

This gentle cleanser is perfect for you if your skin is typically well-balanced, meaning neither too oily nor too dry. Formulated with Alpha-Lipoic Acid, alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and a copper complex, it quickly and effectively removes excess oil, debris and impurity buildup without stripping the skin. “Its gel format makes it a great option for anyone who doesn't need immense hydration while still leaving skin feeling soft and comfortable,” Martone notes.

If you have dry skin, try: Essential Fx Acyl-Gluathione Chia Cleansing Balm

This melt-away balm replenishes and nourishes the skin as it cleanses, making it especially beneficial for skin that appears dry, rough, flaky, dull or any combination of the sort. Powered by Perricone MD’s signature Vitamin F Blend (composed of omega-rich chia, macadamia and flaxseed oils), it intensely moisturizes and supports the skin’s moisture barrier to promote increased suppleness and a healthy glow. “The texture is also beautiful and won’t leave skin feeling stripped, tight or dry,” Martone points out, adding the importance of such ingredients like fatty acids, glycerin and ceramides for dry skin.

If you have oily skin, try: Cold Plasma Plus+ Daily Detox Clay Cleanser

Whether it’s caused by hormonal changes, skin imbalances, stress, you name it, the overproduction of sebum can cause shininess, enlarged pores and breakouts. To combat the skin’s imbalance, this multi-tasking cleanser features both charcoal microcapsules and bentonite clay, which help absorb excess oil, control shine and rid pores of impurities, dirt and dead skin, all without stripping skin dry. The key, according to Rosalba, is removing only the excess oil and leaving the necessary moisture behind to prevent your skin from overcompensating for lost moisture and producing extra oil to fix it. “This unfortunate cycle would lead to more oil and shine,” Martone concludes.

If you have sensitive skin, try: Hypoallergenic Clean Correction Gentle Cleanser

Though technically not a “skin type,” sensitive skin needs to be treated appropriately, too. As the term suggests, sensitive skin is particularly prone to redness, irritation, breakouts and more. So, we’re all for opting for a cleanser specifically formulated without the 26 known allergens like this one. Plus, it’s recognized by the National Psoriasis Foundation as gentle enough for those with psoriasis and other sensitive skin conditions — a bonus, for sure. Martone shares that calming ingredients like plant-based adaptogens are a great choice for sensitive skin, “as they can help diminish inflammation, irritation, redness and sensitivity.” Speaking of plant adaptogens, our low-foaming, hypoallergenic cleanser features balancing holy basil for its gentle herbal properties that soothe skin while helping to maintain balance. Add in the antioxidant-rich fermented rice water and hydrating glycerin, your complexion is left looking refreshed and moisturized.

Now that we’ve scrubbed through the essentials, you’re officially ready to clean up your regimen. Choose the perfect Perricone MD cleanser for your skin type to set yourself up for optimal results.

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