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Why We Use Plant-Based Adaptogens in Our Clean, Science-Backed Skincare

Writer and expert7 months ago
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With the summer behind us, it’s high time to prepare for the colder temperatures ahead. Just as you swap out your wardrobe to make room for more layers, adjusting your skincare regimen is another seasonal transition you can’t skip out on.

While we hear all about those buzzworthy hydrating ingredients that help combat the effects of impending cold, dry air, you may be forgetting about the soothing ingredients. These are equally as important to properly protect against the visible redness and itchiness that cold weather can bring. Our favorite hypoallergenic option for this? Plant-based adaptogens.

These comforting ingredients are herbs, roots and mushrooms that are believed to help fight fatigue and stress in the skin, which echoes how they survive in the extreme climates of their natural habitats.

“They’re called ‘adaptogens’ because of this ability to ‘adapt’ to stress and help regulate its visible effects on the skin,” Perricone MD Director of Education, Rosalba Martone, shares. To classify as an adaptogen, the ingredient must support the skin’s ability to fight stress and help balance the skin to combat signs of aging.

These qualifications make them extremely soothing and naturally anti-inflammatory and, therefore, ideal for sensitive skin. It’s precisely the reason why they’ve been used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for hundreds of years and now, why they’re being included in beauty formulas today. So much so that we have included them in every formula of our clean, hypoallergenic collection — so each one strikes the perfect balance of gentle yet effective.

The Benefits of Our Plant-Based Adaptogens

Our revolutionary Hypoallergenic Clean Correction Collection takes a first-of-its-kind Three-Tier approach to deliver hypoallergenic skincare products that don’t compromise on efficacy. Tier 1 in these science-backed skincare formulations is stress reduction, which we achieve with the presence of powerfully comforting ingredients, including three of our favorite plant-based adaptogens:

  • Holy basil: Found in our Gentle Cleanser and Smoothing Restorative Serum, the holy basil adaptogen, also known as tulsi or “the elixir of life” in Hindu culture, is a plant-derived extract originating from a fragrant, flowering plant family native to India. Cultivated for its gentle herbal, anti-inflammatory properties, it soothes and helps maintain skin balance by protecting against environmental damage.



  • Mushroom extract: Derived from the chaga mushroom, this adaptogen is used in our Barrier Repair Nourishing Moisturizer and Firming & Brightening Eye Cream in part because of its non-irritating and antioxidant properties that have been known of for centuries. The mushroom in our products, specifically, is sustainably sourced from birch trees in the cold climates of Northern Canada. This polyphenol-rich ingredient helps to thoroughly condition skin while reducing the look of redness, supporting its moisture barrier and, according to clinical testing, delivering effective brightening benefits.
  • Aloe vera: Rich in vitamins and minerals, aloe has been used for thousands of years for its soothing, moisturizing and cooling properties. Additionally, this plant-derived ingredient reduces the look of redness and stressed skin by protecting against environmental aggressors, making it a key ingredient in our Ultra-Smooth Shave Cream.



Sensitive skin or not, though, as you reboot your regimen for the fall and winter months, you’ll surely want to consider incorporating skin-soothing ingredients like plant-based adaptogens into your routine. After all, can’t we all use the extra comfort? Try our Hypoallergenic Clean Correction Collection to get started.

Writer and expert
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