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Why the Eye Area Ages Fast—And What You Can Do About It

Writer and expert3 years ago
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If the eyes are a window to the soul, then the skin around them can indicate just how old of a soul you are.

That’s because the skin here is different than on other parts of the body. It’s thinner and more delicate, and so it shows signs of aging much faster than other spots in the form of fine lines, puffiness, eyelid sagging and discoloration. Fortunately, there are eye treatments to prevent and correct these issues, so you can keep all the wisdom of your old soul without looking the part. 

The Anatomy of Eye Skin

Your skin is the largest organ of the body, covering you from head to toe. But skin is not the same all over. The epidermis, (the outer layer of skin), is thinnest on eyelids and thickest on the palms of your hands and soles of your feet. That thin skin breaks down faster than thicker skin does because it isn’t as collagen-rich (collagen is a protein that gives skin a supple, firm appearance) as other areas of your body. As collagen naturally decreases with age, fine lines and wrinkles appear to be more visible on the surface of the skin. Eyes are very expressive, too. All the micro-contractions that happen to your skin as you smile or squint in the sun can cause creases in the skin over time. Plus, thin skin means that veins underneath the skin show more, which can contribute to the appearance of dark circles. 
Eye skin also lacks sebaceous glands, which produce sebum, or what we think of as “oil”. That waxy substance coats and lubricates the skin. Areas without sebaceous glands and sebum are prone to dryness. Hence, fine lines and wrinkles look more noticeable on dry and dehydrated skin.

Your eye skin can also be subject to a lot of wear and tear. We touch and rub our eyes without even realizing it. Maybe you remove eye makeup every night. Over time, even light tugging can stretch out the thin eye skin and contribute to under-eye and eyelid sagging

Eye Skin Breakdown

So, now you know why eye skin shows the signs of aging more quickly than other areas on your face and body, but did you know that different parts of the eye area are prone to different issues? Here is what you can expect in the three main areas of your eye skin.  
  • Under-eye skin: The delicate, thin skin under your eyes is quick to show fine lines and wrinkles. As we mentioned above, as collagen in the skin decreases, the veins and blood vessels become more prominent contributing to the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. As we age, the muscles and structure under the eye weaken, which means the skin gets lax and saggy. Also, it’s a prime area for fluid retention, making the under-eye area look puffy. 
  • Eyelid skin: The skin on your upper lids is the thinnest of all the skin on your body. That makes it extremely fragile. Eyelid sagging happens with age and also from excessive rubbing. Eyelid skin is also prone to crepiness. 
  • Outer-eye area: The skin here crinkles up when you smile or squint, and over time, those expression lines get etched into your skin. This forms what we know as crow’s feet—those curved lines in the outer corners of your eyes. 

The Best Eye Treatment for you

Fortunately, cutting-edge technology and quality ingredients can help slow the signs of aging around your delicate eye skin. Whether you’re looking for a firming under-eye serum or the best under-eye cream for dark circles, Perricone MD has you covered.

Your issue: Loss of firmness, fine lines, wrinkles, dryness

The fix: Growth Factor Firming & Lifting Eye Serum

Why it works: This newly launched high-tech serum contains three key ingredients to visibly lift and firm saggy eye skin. Dr. Perricone’s next generation Polyamine Growth Factor boosts moisture and supports skin elasticity, helping eye skin appear visibly tighter. DMAE visibly depuffs and firms over time. Plus, niacinamide, also known as vitamin B3, supports skin’s moisture barrier and helps promote a more even skin tone. 

Your issue: Dehydrated, red & irritated skin 

The fix: Hypoallergenic CBD Sensitive Skin Therapy Soothing & Hydrating Eye Cream

Why it works: Dryness makes the skin under your eyes appear dull and crinkly. Allergies also contribute to redness and irritation. By providing the moisture your skin needs, you can visibly plump and give the area a more youthful appearance. This eye cream hydrates the delicate under-eye area without feeling heavy or irritating. 99% pure Cannabidiol (CBD) calms, soothes and moisturizes, while quick-absorbing marigold extract deeply hydrates. 

Your issue: Dark circles, fine lines and discoloration

The fix: Vitamin C Ester Brightening Eye Serum

Why it works: Dark circles under your eyes can make you appear more tired and older than you really are. This highly concentrated serum contains Vitamin C Ester, a highly stable and effective form of vitamin C that works to visibly brighten under-eye discoloration over time. It also helps to make under-eye skin appear plumper, smoother and better-hydrated thanks to the addition of fast-absorbing squalane and chamomile extract.  

Bottom line: The best eye treatment for you is the one that addresses your specific needs, whether that be loss of firmness or dark circles. Perricone MD offers options that allow you to take a targeted approach to getting more youthful-looking eyes. 

Right now, when you purchase the new High Potency Growth Factor Firming & Lifting Eye Serum for $72, you’ll receive an exclusive gift with purchase.
Writer and expert
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