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Wake Up Looking Refreshed: The Importance of Sleep for Skin Renewal

It’s no secret that sleep is a crucial part of maintaining both a healthy mind and body, but did you know that it offers serious benefits for your skin too? That’s right—if you’re looking for another reason to start counting sheep a little earlier each night, here it is. We’ve discussed the importance of getting a good night’s sleep before; it’s during this time that our bodies rebuild energy reserves and regenerate through cell repair, while the release of certain hormones can help positively impact our immune system and our skin. On the flip side, when we start lacking on sleep, our bodies may release excess amounts of the stress hormone cortisol. What does that mean for your skin? Let’s just say this is where dullness, sagging and fine lines can enter the picture. But let’s also take a look at what happens on the surface, because it’s about more than what takes place inside your body at night. When our heads hit the pillow each evening, we’re giving our skin a break from the environmental aggressors it’s exposed to on a daily basis, such as pollution or sun exposure; this means that your skincare products don’t have to compete with these, or other barriers like makeup. Skin’s permeability also increases while we sleep, making it the perfect time to apply topical antioxidants and treatments as it allows ingredients to absorb deeper into the skin. To put it simply, sleep helps increase the effectiveness of your skincare regimen, resulting in greater benefits for your skin. That kind of gives a whole new meaning to the term “beauty sleep,” doesn’t it?
While the products you use will vary based on your specific needs, the steps remain consistent for us all—cleanse, treat and moisturize.
When it comes to your nightly routine, though, what’s the right skincare regimen for you? While the products you use will vary based on your specific needs, the steps remain consistent for us all—cleanse, treat and moisturizer. But what do these steps entail? Take a look:
  • Step 1: Thoroughly cleanse skin before bed to remove dirt, makeup and other impurities, allowing your skin to better absorb the ingredients applied in the steps that follow.
  • Step 2: Treat skin with the face and eye treatments that best address your skincare concerns. We recommend starting with Cold Plasma to help boost the effects of your additional treatment(s), but you can take our online Skincare Consultation to find the products that are best for you.
  • Step 3: Use a moisturizer or hydrating night treatment to help replenish the moisture your skin loses during the day and provide a barrier for moisture loss throughout the night. Don’t be afraid to go for a richer, more luxurious-feeling treatment at nighttime—our new Multi-Action Overnight Intensive Firming Mask is a great choice.
In addition to identifying the right skincare routine, try to commit to at least seven hours of shut-eye each night for the best results, and keep a regular sleep schedule through the week and even into the weekend. Getting regular exercise, eating a healthy diet and avoiding caffeine 4-6 hours before bedtime can help contribute to a better night’s sleep, while staying away from any activities that involve bright lights—such as watching TV or using your computer—up to an hour before bed can help you fall asleep faster. So are you ready to stop saying “I wish I could wake up looking more refreshed” and instead, start taking the steps to actually do something about it? Now is the time.