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Acne Scarring 101: How to Treat Dark Spots and Acne Scars on Your Face

Writer and expert2 months ago
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Perhaps the only thing more frustrating than a blemish is one that won’t go away, even once it’s “gone away.” You know the ones — they leave behind proof of their previous existence in the form of a scar or dark spot. Fortunately, knowledge is power when it comes to preventing and combating such pesky imperfections. But before we can break down the remedy, it’s essential to understand the cause.

Now, though acne scars and dark spots are both typically caused by the same thing (inflammation of a pimple), they result in a different outcome. Acne scars develop when the body recognizes an inflamed blemish as an injury and responds by creating too much or too little tissue to “heal” it, thus resulting in a scar. Unfortunately, depending on the depth of the inflammation, the texture of the skin beneath the surface can also be altered from the damage. On the other hand, dark spots form when your body responds to said inflammation by releasing melanin (skin pigment), resulting in discoloration.

Thankfully, while these unwanted leftovers are a nuisance, to say the least, the good news is, there’s hope. With the proper skincare regimen, you’ll be well on your way to a clear, even-toned and bright complexion.

How to Combat & Fade Acne Scars

The secret to creating an ultra-brightening and evening skincare regimen is choosing products specifically designed to target your acne scarring and dark spots. If either of these are your concern, look no further than the below.

STEP 1: Vitamin C Ester Citrus Brightening Cleanser

Wash away dullness and discoloration over time with this Vitamin C Ester-powered face wash, formulated to cleanse without stripping the skin of its natural oils. Plus, it leaves skin feeling energized and looking smoother and brighter.

STEP 2: Vitamin C Ester Daily Brightening & Exfoliating Peel

Smooth this advanced, no-rinse resurfacing peel over cleansed skin to eliminate dead skin cells and improve texture while instantly improving skin’s radiance and glow. Over time, this will help brighten, tighten and reduce the appearance of discoloration and dark spots.



STEP 3: Vitamin C Ester Intensive Dark Spot Treatment

Formulated with three forms of vitamin C, resorcinol and alpha-arbutin, this treatment brightens and diminishes the look of the most stubborn pigmentations, including dark spots and scarring caused by breakouts.

STEP 4 (AM): High Potency Face Finishing & Firming Moisturizer SPF 30

In the morning, finish this supercharged skincare routine with a moisturizing SPF that helps protect skin against further sun damage and pigmentation while visibly smoothing and firming your complexion.



STEP 4 (PM): Cold Plasma Plus+ The Intensive Hydrating Complex

Replenish your skin post-peel with this ultra-rich moisturizing complex powered by peptides, a vegetable triglyceride complex and supercharged Vitamin C Ester. This multitasking powerhouse delivers intense nourishment while dramatically smoothing, firming and evening skin tone.

And there you have it. Stay consistent with this routine and you’ll begin to see transformative results in no time. It’s brilliant, really.

Writer and expert
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