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Trending Now: The Top 5 Lip Looks for 2024

Writer and expert22 days ago
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Finding your go-to lip products and looks can be tricky, especially when trends are ever-evolving. The good news is that many of the current viral “trends” have been around the block for decades and are resurfacing under different names (i.e. jelly lips — more on that later). In other words, once you find the one that’s right for you, you can rest assured that you’ll be safe to pucker up to it for years to come. Before we get ahead of ourselves, though, let’s break down the five lip looks we’re loving for 2024 and how you can achieve them.

Trend 1: Monochromatic Looks

Though you may have previously chosen a lip color or accessory that would have added a pop of color to your outfit, matching your lips to your overall look for a cohesive, polished aesthetic is very “in.” Wearing a red dress? Match it with a red lip. A pink blouse? Coordinate with a pink lip of the same shade. Turn it up a notch by also coordinating your lip color with your blush or blush balm. For a natural rose shade, consider our No Makeup Blush. Pro tip: dab it on your lips for the exact shade match to perfect your monochromatic look.

Trend 2: Warm Hues

Speaking of rose tones and pinks, warm hues are particularly hot right now for their ability to achieve a simple yet chic everyday lip look. Our cushiony, solid-to-serum No Makeup Lipstick comes in all neutral-warm shades, including Original Pink, Rose, Berry, Red, Cognac and Wine, providing a flawless, natural-looking color while visibly firming, smoothing and improving lip definition over time. It’s a win-win for an instant pop of glossy color and visibly smoother, plumper lips over time.

Trend 3: Glossy Finishes

Currently trending as the “jelly lip look,” glossy lips are stealing the spotlight for their ability to provide a luscious, visible plumping effect. Whether you swipe some shine on your bare lips for a natural dewy look or layer it atop your lipstick for extra dimension, it’s an effortless option for an instantly eye-catching pout. Our non-sticky, skincare-infused No Makeup Lip Oil delivers a hint of tint and enviable shine. Formulated with peptides, hyaluronic acid (HA) and pomegranate seed oil, it instantly replenishes and conditions lips with essential moisture, reducing vertical lip lines, dry, rough texture and discoloration. In other words, it’ll give you the most perfect juicy lip look.

Trend 4: Bare Lips

On the opposite end of the scale of lip look trends, you’ll find natural lips, accentuated simply with a balm to maintain soft, smooth and hydrated lips. Cold Plasma Plus+ Lip Therapy is the ultimate lip treatment for this, deeply nourishing to dramatically improve the look of vertical lip lines, loss of volume, lipstick feathering, lip discoloration and dry, rough texture. With ingredients like HA and omegas 3, 6 and 9 to provide intense hydration and moisture barrier protection, it’ll leave you with softer, fuller and more supple lips on no makeup days.

Trend 5: Blurred Lip Stain Technique

Lying somewhere in the middle of the scale of lip look trends is the blurred lip stain technique. In short, it’s an effortless “no makeup” makeup lip accomplished by applying a color, then blotting and blurring it to create a more subtle and natural appearance. To achieve this look, start by applying your hydrating lip balm, then dab your lipstick onto the center of your lips. From there, use your finger to fade the color out toward the edge of your lips and smudge with a tissue to create a faded outer edge. Blot further with the tissue so the result ends up looking like a light stain.

With the inspiration outlined for you, you’re ready to experiment. After all, trends are fun, but you can pick and choose the ones that are right for you. Enjoy trying them out until you’ve found the one that feels the most “you.” Then, kiss the ones you don’t love goodbye.

Writer and expert
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