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The Keys to Better, More Restful Sleep

Let’s face it, getting a good night’s sleep is no easy task. Crawling into bed at a decent hour can be tough enough, but actually falling asleep is an entirely different story (and one that often has a sleepy ending in the morning). Make your morning coffee a “nice to have” instead of a “must have” with the tips below for better, more restful sleep.
    1. Be mindful of what you eat and drink. Consuming caffeine or alcohol too close to bedtime will make catching some deep Zzz’s a serious challenge. But that’s not all; drinking too much of any liquid within two hours of hitting the hay can result in interrupted sleep as you make a trip (or two) to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Of course, what you eat is just as important, since going to bed hungry or full can also impact your slumber. Have a small (we’re talking between 150-200 calories), easily digestible snack like Greek yogurt or a piece of fruit with almond butter before bed to ensure those 3am stomach growls don’t come calling your name.

    1. Give your body a boost—a Sleep Booster Whole Foods Supplement, that is. Powered by whole food nutrients like Ashwagandha and Velvet Bean extracts, this new addition to our line of Perricone MD Supplements (as part of our new Whole Food Supplements Collection) is here to give you that more restful night’s sleep you’ve been craving. Not only does it help you fall asleep faster, but it also helps establish a normal sleep cycle for improved health and reduces stress to improve your overall quality of sleep.

    1. Unwind, disconnect, de-stress. Give your body and mind ample time to recover from the day before trying to count sheep. Take a warm shower or bath, read a book, meditate, write down any lingering to-do’s or nagging thoughts—no matter what your form of relaxation entails, there’s no arguing that letting your mind unwind before bed is crucial for good sleep. Disconnect from your electronics and lower the lights 2-3 hours before bedtime, signaling to your brain that it’s time to start producing the sleep hormone melatonin.

    1. Set the stage. Create the ideal environment for better sleep by keeping your room cool, dark and free of distractions. Exactly how cool are we talking? Research suggests that the ideal temperature range falls somewhere between 60-67 degrees. Oh, and about those distractions—get rid of ‘em. Hide your clock’s display, block out sounds with a fan or white noise machine, and tell Fido you’re sleeping solo tonight.

    1. Break a sweat. We get that telling you to “get moving” in order to “get sleeping” may seem a little counterintuitive at first, but we promise we’re going somewhere with this one. You see, studies have found that just a single session of low to moderate-intensity exercise such as walking can decrease the amount of time it takes to fall asleep (and as an added bonus, may even help you stay asleep longer). Keep in mind, though, that exercising too close to bedtime can actually have the opposite effect, so opt for morning or afternoon workouts over late evening and get ready to reap some serious sleep benefits.

  1. Consistency is key. Keep a consistent sleep schedule throughout the week that has you going to bed and waking up around the same time every day—yes, even on weekends. While you may be tempted to sleep in for a couple extra hours on a Saturday or Sunday morning, there’s no erasing the negative effects of all that sleep you missed during the week. Even worse, that extra shuteye can hinder your ability to fall asleep by the time Sunday night rolls around (causing the vicious cycle to continue over, and over, and over again…).
While a restful night’s sleep is pretty tough to beat, we have a suggestion to make your mornings even better. Get the most of each and every one of those midnight hours by incorporating an evening skincare regimen into your daily routine, using products that are specifically designed to work their magic at night. Cleanse skin with the Pre:Empt Series Daily Foaming Cleanser, follow with the face treatment and eye treatment of your choice, and finish with a moisturizer or hydrating night treatment like Multi-Action Overnight Treatment. And for those nights when eight hours of sleep just isn’t an option (hey, life happens), fake it with our Pre:Empt Series Brightening Eye Cream, which instantly brightens with light-reflecting pearls and helps diminish the appearance of dark circles over time. Have we left out any must-know sleep tips? Share your best-kept sleep secrets with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the #PerriconeMD hashtag.