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Skincare Tips

Ingredient Spotlight: The Benefits of Clay for Skin

Found naturally on earth, clay has been used for thousands of years for a variety of reasons, which have evolved over time. Having been used for bricks, tiles, pottery, cosmetics and even medicinal purposes, Britannica says it best: “no other earth material has so wide an importance.” One of this coveted ingredient’s earliest uses was, […]

16 hours agoBy perriconemd
No Makeup

Effortless Radiance: 5 Must-Have Products for a “No Makeup” Summer

Every year, as soon as the warmer temperatures come knocking, there’s a quick transition to airy outfits, streamlined regimens and light “no makeup” looks. To perfect the latter for a summer of effortless radiance, simply cleanse, bronze, highlight and enhance your natural beauty using the five essentials below. Plus, turn it up a notch with […]

22 days agoBy perriconemd
Skincare Tips

Which Cleanser Is Right for Your Skin Type?

Regardless of how skincare trends forecast, one truth that will always hold true when it comes to your regimen: your cleanser will always be #1 — literally. It comes first in your routine for a reason (and is arguably the most valuable player), it removes dirt and impurity buildup while balancing skin to provide a clean […]

25 days agoBy perriconemd
No Makeup

Trending Now: The Top 5 Lip Looks for 2024

Finding your go-to lip products and looks can be tricky, especially when trends are ever-evolving. The good news is that many of the current viral “trends” have been around the block for decades and are resurfacing under different names (i.e. jelly lips — more on that later). In other words, once you find the one that’s […]

1 month agoBy perriconemd