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Firming Evening Repair

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Firming Evening Repair - Perricone MD
  • Firming Evening Repair
  • Firming Evening Repair
  • Firming Evening Repair
  • Firming Evening Repair
  • Firming Evening Repair


Firming Evening Repair - Perricone MD
(161) Read Reviews
A luxurious, creamy serum with concentrated active ingredients, including retinol, alpha lipoic acid, and DMAE that work continuously throughout the night. This retinol serum both nourishes the skin and fights the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time. Read More
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Product Details

What It Is

Perricone MD's Firming Evening Repair is a powerful, multi-tasking night treatment that contains multiple key sciences for results you can see. This is our best anti-aging night treatment featuring retinol to dramatically reduce the look of fine lines, wrinkles and discoloration over time. Alpha Lipoic Acid, a master antioxidant, reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores, while DMAE helps visibly lift sagging skin over time.

Firming Evening Repair is an ideal retinol face treatment for all skin types. Because retinol is a photosensitive ingredient, we recommend wearing a moisturizer with SPF the following day after using this retinol night treatment.

What It Does
  • Helps to resurface the skin's appearance with retinol.
  • Minimizes the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
  • Unveils the radiance and smoothness of youthful, healthy-looking skin.
What To Expect

Due to the science and compounds used in our products the feel and scent may vary.






Fresh & Aromatic

Clinical Results

78% showed improvement in skin elasticity.

Consumer Results

94% agreed skin felt smoother and softer.

91% saw improved skin texture and felt more supple skin.

86% agreed skin felt firmer and fine lines looked smaller and less noticable.


Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA): Nature's Most Powerful Antioxidant

A fatty acid found in every cell in the human body, ALA reduces the appearance of lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores over time. Fat and water-soluble, ALA is highly absorbable and works alongside the body's own antioxidant system.

DMAE: Instant Firming

Naturally produced by the human brain, DMAE helps visibly lift sagging skin over time. Easily and quickly absorbed, it visibly plumps skin to help support skin's surface and protect against drying environmental aggressors.

Retinol: Exfoliate for Accelerated Regeneration

Ultra-powerful, non-prescription Vitamin-A derivative dramatically reduces the look of fine lines, wrinkles and discoloration over time by accelerating surface skin exfoliation and renewal. Unique slow-release carrier system helps preserve this unstable ingredient and calm skin.


Water/Aqua/Eau, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Isododecane, Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclohexasiloxane, Polyglyceryl-4 Isostearate, Hexyl Laurate, Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1 Dimethicone, Tyrosine, Dimethyl MEA, Thioctic Acid, Retinol, Sodium Chloride, Caprylyl Glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Polysorbate 20, Urea, Zinc Sulfate, Phenoxyethanol, Sorbic Acid, Glyoxal, Fragrance/Parfum, Linalool, Hexyl Cinnamal, Citronellol, Benzyl Benzoate.



Massage onto cleansed face and neck in the evening using a gentle upward motion. Wait until fully absorbed, then follow with your favorite Perricone MD moisturizer if necessary.


Is the high potency evening repair supposed to be like a lotion consistency? Mine is watery and the contents separate in the bottle and I have to shake it for them to be distributed. Is this normal? Thanks!


Though the texture will vary slightly, it is a lotion and should not be separated.


what percentage of retinol is in the High Potency Evening Repair? thanks.


That information is proprietary but it has the highest concentration without a prescription. This formulation also contains the antioxidant Alpha Lipoic Acid for extra anti-aging benefits.


Buy one and get one free yet it doesnt show this when placing my order. Why not? I would like to be an automatic purchase but does that mean each time I would get one bottle free?


Hello, that was a one day special BOGO sale we were offering. You would not get a free bottle every order if you put that High Potency Evening Repair on auto delivery.


Hi. I've used High Potency Evening Repair on and off for years (and love it). I opened a new bottle, and the consistency is very unusual: it's like milky water rather than lotion! Is the product quality compromised?


Could you please call customer service to provide us with the lot number? 1-888-823-7837

How long can the product be stored in the drawer before it is opened to be used? Thanks


product can be stored unopened for about 2 years...you can also keep it refrigerated.

I started using the High Potency Face Repair and Face Lift. And my Face is very red and dry burns and itches. Am I doing something wrong? I also have the Face Finishing Moisturizer should I be using that at night as well?


Hi there. It seems your skin might not agree with the formulation of these particular treatments. There unfortunately is no list of ingredients that can be guaranteed not to cause a reaction. It is virtually impossible to know if, when, or how anyone's skin will react to any product, even when previous use of other products has been successful. The High Potency Evening Repair does contain retinol; however, this should only leave a "tingling" sensation.. Not itchy.. We might suggest using ONLY the HP Amine Face Lift in the AM for a few days.. Use only Face Finishing Moisturizer in the PM.. After a week or so add in the HP Evening Repair EVERY OTHER NIGHT followed by the Face Finishing Moisturizer.. That should do the trick! Hope you find this tip helpful.

There is alot of questions how to use the high potency evening repair with cold plasma, but I need to know how to use hylo plasma along with the cold plasma and high potency evening repair. I also use the high amine face lift in morning with cold plasma. Can you tell me how to incorporate the hylo plasma into the routine?...I'm not sure if the hylo plasma is considered a treatment or a moisturizer. Thank you...


Excellent question! The Hyalo Plasma is very hydrating and is actually considered a treatment/moisturizer and it should be applied as follows: 1. Cleanser 2. Serum or Toner 3. Cold Plasma 4. High Potency Amine (AM) / High Potency Evening Repair (PM) 5. Hyalo Plasma A moisturizer can be applied last if you feel that you need extra moisture. I hope this is helpful.

Perricone MD Customer Care Specialist

Could you please tell me what percentage of retinol is in the High Potency Evening Repair? O.5%??? 1%??? Something else???


The ingredient percentages in our formulations are proprietary, however I can share that we do use our active ingredients at very therapeutic levels, which is how we are able to achieve such dramatic results with our products. Also, it is not just the percentages of active ingredients that are responsible for maximum efficacy, but also the synergistic blend of each active ingredient with the others and within the sophisticated delivery medium of a formula.

Need to know the correct way to use product with blue plasma. One of your answers states to alternate with the blue plasma but yet I read to apply high potency evenung repair after blue plasma


Great question! The Blue Plasma can be alternated with the High Potency Evening Repair or you can use as instructed below; it is basically personal preference and you can't go wrong either way you decide to apply. There are five steps to following the Perricone regime and they are: 1a. Cleanser 1b. Treatment Mask 2. Toner or Serum 3. Exfoliant 4. Treatment 5. Moisturizer The Blue Plasma (Step 3) is a PM exfoliant and should be applied after cleansing and using a toner or serum; once the product has penetrated the skin apply your treatment High Potency Evening Repair (Step 4) and a moisturizer should always follow last. Have a nice day!

Perricone MD Customer Care Specialist

What moisturizer would you put over the high potency evening repair?


Thank you for contacting Perricone MD. We have a variety of moisturizers available and they all can be applied over the High Potency Evening Repair; it basically depends on your skin type. Below I am providing information for your review that will assist you in determining which moisturizer is most suitable. Face Finishing Moisturizer - Normal to dry skin Deep Moisture Therapy - Dry skin Hypoallergenic Nourishing - Sensitive skin Photo Plasma - Oily skin Face Finishing Moisturizer Tint - Oily skin Neuropeptide Firming Moisturizer - Aged sagging skin Have a nice day!

Perricone MD Customer Care Specialist




Most Basic Item


I have received so much benefit from this product, it is now the most basic item of all of Dr. Perricones night skin treatments for me. I have many runner ups in the Perricone line and use them all, but for the needed transformation of my skin's clarity, tightening of my neck and facial skin and over all smoothing effects, this is the one product that has had the most positive effect. This, for me, is the one product I cannot do without.

Hey Mom

Smithfield, Virginia


Amazing !!


I have used this for years. I will never stop !!! I'm 62, live in Florida ,forget about sunscreen till the day is half over. My skin does NOT look it thanks to this.


West Palm Beach,Florida


Good product but a bit too pricey


mild retinol product but too pricey. Fairly effective.




I really like this product, leaves my skin smooth and soft.


Soften my lines and my skin looks fresh in the morning.


San Francisco CA


Great for daily regime


I use this every evening in conjunction with cold plasma farce and face finishing moisturizer. I get compliments on my complexion all of the time!


Boston, Ma


Love it!


Price is extremely high though so not sure I will keep purchasing.


Austin, TX


Love it


My skin is glowing and feels much smoother . I'm 46 years old but with Perricone MD products I look younger !




It actually worked!


I have tried everything on the market and this is the first and only product I've used that has gotten rid of the lines on my forehead. My skin looks clearer, brighter and younger. I'll definitely purchase again.


Upstate NY


I am a satisfied customer


I have used this product for over 12 years. It is applied to skin under moisturizer. Have received numerous compliments on my skin.


New albany in


I would purchase this product again along with others


I use this product daily




Firming Evening Repair

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