Digestion Booster Whole Foods Supplements

Digestion Booster Whole Foods Supplements - Perricone MD
  • Digestion Booster Whole Foods Supplements
  • Digestion Booster Whole Foods Supplements
  • Digestion Booster Whole Foods Supplements


Digestion Booster Whole Foods Supplements - Perricone MD
A dietary supplement for a healthier gut and flatter stomach powered by whole food nutrients. Key whole food nutrients include Probiotics and Licorice Extract. Read More
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Additional Information

Product Details

What It Is

A dietary supplement that utilizes the micronutrients found in whole foods to improve digestion. Key whole food nutrients include Probiotics (in a stable form) and Licorice Extract. Non-GMO, vegetarian, gluten-free, and free of artificial colors and preservatives.

What It Does
  • Helps reduce bloating for a flatter, more comfortable stomach.*
  • Improves digestion by breaking down gluten and milk proteins.*
  • Restores digestive balance for optimal nutrient absorption.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

What You Need To Know

Dietary supplements are an essential part of Dr. Perricone's 3-Tier Approach for a healthy body and beautiful skin. The Whole Foods Supplements line was created to help you tailor and customize which supplements you need to best complement your health. The collection includes The Essential Multi-Vitamin+, Digestion Booster, Skin Booster, Metabolism Booster, Sleep Booster and Travel Booster.




Dr. Perricone recommends taking one capsule twice a day with a meal.

Application Process




1 Capsule

Suggested Usage

1X Day/ 1-month supply

  1. Take one capsule twice a day with a meal.







I purchased at huatelook!! I thought will work for me but nope!!! Results =hives, stomach ache!! Not for everyone!!!!!!! I can't get my money back!!!!




Great product


Significantly reduced chronic heartburn symptoms on day one

Perricone fan



I will buy this product again.


I take daily for best results.




Amazing Results


The Digestion Booster helps me to digest foods better and prevents GERD for me.


Milpitas, CA

Perfect After Every Meal


I started using this product when it came out and have loved it since. Aides in digestion and reduction in any tummy bloat. I now use this after my main meals every day and am super happy with the results.


Petaluma, CA


If you enjoy stomach pain and hives, give this a try!


Giving this one star is being generous. Yes, it acts quickly. I had adverse effects right away - stomach pain that lasted for three days, as well as hives. Sadly, Perricone couldn't make it harder to return. No return form, sending an e-mail with unnecessary information (entire order info, when they have that on record), . . . all tells me they have a lot of returns and are hoping consumers don't make the effort and just pay for product. If you still want to try Perricone, I would recommend purchasing it from a reputable company like Sephora, QVC, Ulta, etc., that stands behind what they sell. Clearly the Perricone site has a chip on its shoulder and can't accept that not every product works for every person.


Wooster, OH


This product is very effective! Consistent use is key.


I take this supplement 2x's a day-usually right before breakfast and dinner, with a glass of water. I no longer have to take NEXIUM every day, which I had been taking for over a year, due to damage to my digestive system after using large doses of Ibuprofen for pain following a surgery to my knee.After stopping the NEXIUM, it took approximately 1 month of consistent use before I no longer had to take an occasional Zantac, etc. I can eat more of a variety of foods and seasonings now too! I am a retired Acupuncture physician & had tried numerous herbs, etc. but, this has been the best and healthiest product I have found!!


Palm Coast , Fl.


Digestion Booster Whole Foods Supplements

3.9 7


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