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Super Greens Supplement Powder - Perricone MD
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Super Greens Supplement Powder - Perricone MD
A great-tasting, dietary supplement drink powder designed to help improve general well-being and help with free-radical damage, digestion and immunity. Read More
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What It Is

A great-tasting superfood drink powder in single-serving packets for on the go convenience. Super Greens provides an instant boost of nutrition and contains Perricone MD’s proprietary NRF2 Antioxidant Support Complex™ as well as probiotics, and phytonutrients. Infused with natural fruit flavors, Super Greens is an easy, enjoyable way to get the vitamins and minerals that you need to perform at your best. Non-GMO and free of artificial colors and preservatives.

What It Does
  • Helps support overall well-being and appearance of aging*
  • Helps support body’s natural antioxidant self-defense mechanisms*
  • Helps detoxify and nourish the body from the inside out*
  • Helps protect against oxidative stress*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Nutritional Benefits
One serving of Super Greens includes:

As much Vitamin C as 4½ tangerines

As much Vitamin A as 2 cups of lettuce

As much Riboflavin as 4 cups of spinach

As much Vitamin B6 as 4 bananas

As much Folic Acid as 4 cups of papaya


Nrf2 Antioxidant Support Complex

Dr. Perricone’s Nrf2 Antioxidant Support Complex™ helps activate antioxidant pathways, allowing these improved age-fighters to better preserve youthful skin.



Dr. Perricone recommends mixing one packet with 8 fl oz of water once a day.

Application Process




1 packet

Suggested Usage

1x day / 1-month supply

  1. Mix one packet with one glass of water.
  2. Drink once per day.


What is the dimension of the box?


The dimensions of the Super Greens box in inches are 3 ½ X 3 ½ X 6.


Can you tell me how much sugar is in the product, the apple powder should carry some.


Super Greens is a low-carb dietary supplement that contains a minuscule amount of natural sugar. It will not spike your blood sugar (it will actually help keep your blood sugar stable) and is is an excellent addition to the diet of someone with diabetes, metabolic syndrome, hypoglycemia or blood sugar issues.





I love this drink!


I love this drink flavor, and can see the result in a week!


San Jose, CA

Love it!


Love this! Tastes great (hints of green apple). I can even get my husband to drink it (he hates everything green). It's my go to green drink!


Houston Texas


So good


This is by far the best mix I've tasted. It's filling and super easy to take with you. I can't say enough about how great it is. Just pour in your water bottle, shake, and drink. So yummy!




Super Yummy


I mix Super Greens in my water daily. I take it in the morning because it gives me a boost of energy at work. I love how they are individually packed, so I can put them in my purse. I use to make my own juice and when I didn't have time I would spend $8 on a juice... yikes. Super Greens saves me time and money and the taste is Super yummy. It tastes like I'm drinking a juicy cocktail not a bitter green juice.


San Francisco


Where have you been all my life !


Absolutely love this product! I am a busy career mom of 4 and I must say I always need something quick, easy and effective ! I am working on eating right and adding in my nutrients daily. I rely heavily on caffeine for a pick me up. The fact that this drink is restorative and well balanced and helps detox my body made this purchase was a no brainer for me. I have spent countless minutes in the AM cutting up greens for my green juice. I have purchased $8 dollar juices on my afternoon lunch breaks and it adds up ! Super greens comes in a pre packged packet ready to go all you need is a water bottle! The taste and smell is amazing!! I must admit I was a little worried and thought of ways on how I was gonna doctor up my drink if I didn't like the taste. I love that it's GMO free and artificial free of everything! For a busy mom on the go I highly recommend this product! You won't be sorry! Did I also mention it's ANTI Aging! Yes I am on that train! My kids even love it!

Busy Momma of 4

San Diego , CA


I hate taking pills this better


I have been mixing with my water at the gym.




Super Greens Supplement Powder

4.8 6


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