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Neuropeptide Eye Therapy - Perricone MD
Formulated with Dr. Perricone’s proprietary Neuropeptides, this eye cream delivers advanced anti-aging benefits to the delicate eye area by helping to diminish the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles for a youthful, brighter-looking eye area. Read More
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Product Details

What It Is

Formulated with Dr. Perricone’s proprietary Neuropeptides, this eye cream delivers advanced anti-aging benefits to the delicate eye area by visibly improving skin’s elasticity and helping to diminish the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles for a youthful, brighter-looking eye area.

What It Does
  • Improves the appearance of elasticity.
  • Promotes the look of a smoother, firmer eye area.
  • Minimizes the appearance of deep lines and dark circles.
What To Expect

Due to the science and compounds used in our products the feel and scent may vary.






Fragrance Free

Consumer Results

90% of users agreed they saw a reduction in the appearance of crow's-feet.

90% of users agreed they saw elasticity of their entire eye area appeared to improve.

77% of users agreed they saw a reduction in the appearance of dark circles.


DMAE: Instant Firming

Naturally produced by the human brain, DMAE helps visibly lift sagging skin over time. Easily and quickly absorbed, it visibly plumps skin to help support skin's surface and protect against drying environmental aggressors.

Neuropeptides: Uniting Surface Cells to Fight Wrinkles

Powerful, protein-like building blocks offer the ultimate visible antidote to wrinkles, sagging, dullness, and discoloration. Neuropeptides encourage surface skin cells to work together via a unique chemical structure.


Water/Aqua/Eau, Limnanthes Alba (Meadowfoam) Seed Oil, Isopropyl Palmitate, Glycerin , Glyceryl Stearate, PEG-100 Stearate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetyl Alcohol, Dimethicone, Acetyl Tyrosine, Phosphatidylcholine, Sodium Carboxymethyl Beta-Glucan, Ceteareth-20, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Dimethyl MEA, C12- 15 Alkyl Benzoate, Citric Acid, Cyclopentasiloxane , Avena Sativa (Oat) Bran, Butylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Magnesium Aspartate, Zinc Gluconate, Caprylyl Glycol, Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Extract, Tribehenin, Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Protein, Cyclohexasiloxane, Steareth-20, Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone, Carbomer, Farnesol, Disodium EDTA, Ceramide 2, Sorbic Acid, PEG 10 Rapeseed Sterol, Copper Gluconate, Sodium Hyaluronate, Hydroxysuccinimide, Dipeptide-2, Pentapeptide-18, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, Tetrapeptide -21, Linalool, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, Chrysin.



Dr. Perricone recommends applying along the eye contour in gentle patting motions. Use morning and evening. To achieve optimal results, first use your Perricone MD eye treatment and follow with Neuropeptide Eye Therapy. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, flush immediately with water.

Application Process


Eye Area


Pea-sized amount per eye


2 Times Per Day


8 Weeks

  1. For optimal results, first apply your Perricone eye treatment.
  2. Then, apply the Neuropeptide Eye Therapy along the eye contour in gentle patting motions.
  3. Use in the morning and evening.


Is this product safe for pregnancy/breastfeeding? I have some major dark circles and some crows feet/fine lines to manage!


Hello, we recommend suupling your doctor with the list of ingredients for their approval before using.


Will this help under eye crepiness? I don't have deep wrinkles, just fine lines and the dreaded crepiness.

Mary Beth

The Neuropeptide Eye Contour will help soften the crepiness and help firm the skin around the eye area.

Perricone MD Customer Care

Does this item contain vitamin k? I will be 36 years old in June and would like to know if this item would be the best product from your line for me. Thanks, Cris


The Neuropeptide does not contain Vitamin K. Our Advanced Eye Therapy contain Vitamin K. This product will help with fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration, and puffiness around the eye area.

Perricone MD Customer Care

Do you also need to use a moisturizer after applying Neuropeptide Eye Contour?


The Neuropeptide Eye Contour is a treatment and Dr. Perricone always recommends applying a moisturizer over treatments. Have a nice day!

Perricone MD Skincare Specialist

I accidently discovered the the Neuropeptide Firming Moisturiser reduces under eye puffiness dramatically. Would this product be better for the puffy/swollen eyes that I often wake up with?


Perricone MD recommends to use a product specifically made for the eye area. For your concerns of puffiness I recommend using the Cold Plasma Eye followed by the Advanced Eye Area Therapy in the AM and the PM.

Perricone MD Customer Care

Can I use the eye contour with the eye synergy products or should I just use one or the other?


You would not need to use all three of these eye products together. You may alternate or use the Eye Synergy products in the am and the Neuropeptide Eye Contour in the evening.

Perricone MD Customer Care

I currently use High Potency Eye lift underneath my eye with Acyl Glutathione eyelid serum on my upper lid. I have just bought NP Eye Contour. Can I still use NP Eye Contour along with the High Potency Eye Lift; if so in what order please.


It is recommended to only use one of the eye treatments under the eye area. I would suggest alternating between the High Potency Eye Lift and the NP Eye Contour. You can still continue to use the Acyl-Gluathione Eye-Lid Serum on the upper eye lid area.

Perricone MD Customer Care.

How is this different than Retin-A?


Retin-A is a form of vitamin A used in prescription medications for your skin. The Neuropepide Eye Contour is an eye treatment with DMAE and Neuropeptides. This eye treatment will help smooth fine lines, tightens and brightens the eye area.

Perricone MD Customer Care

I want to use either this (NP Eye Contour) OR the HP Eye Lift following the AG Eye Serum. What are the differences between the two?


The High Potency Eye Lift will help tone, lift and tighten the eye area. The Neuropeptide Eye Contour will help firm deeper lines, reduce puffiness and help correct discoloration around the eye area.

Perricone MD Customer Care

I have started using this and love it. But I'm also using cold plasma eye, vit c eye serum, and acyl-glutathione eye serum. Are any of the four I'm using duplicative? Is NP an all-in-one for someone with wrinkles, crepey lids and fine lines? I'm 57 working on all of it~!


You can use all of them together, I would recommend applying the products in the following order: Vitamin C Ester Eye Cold Plasma Eye Acyl-Glutathione Eye lid Serum on upper part of eye and lid Neuropeptide Eye Contour Under eye to brow bone

Davene Perricone MD Customer Care




What is the Big Deal?


My Dearest Friend (over 30+ years) who works in the Beauty industry and sells to the Celebrities, gifted me with this Neuropeptide Eye Therapy. I could hardly wait to try it. After almost 2 months of using it, not only do I not see any results, my poor right eye has been twitching for over a month! UGH!!! Time to stop using the over priced nothing :(


North Carolina


Most liked reviewer uses product on her genitalia?Seriously?


Please, Perricone MD, if you are going to use a review as your "top review"... check the medical terminology, lol. This reviewer says she uses it on her labial folds... I really hope she means nasolabial folds? A small jar of eye cream would not go too far if one used it on the genitals, though perhaps it might be effective there too, lol. This made me smile...


San Jose, CA


Why did you change the perfect eye conto


I have used the neuropeptide eye contour for 9 years. Recently when I ordered it, a substitution was sent in my thinking. Then I found out it has changed formula and name. The actual original eye contour is no longer available. In less than 2months into using the replacement I have new lines and puffiness I have never had. This is heartbreaking. I am will be leaving this brand as to "renew" interest they feel a need to change solid working products. Sad. I highly advise against wasting money on this new product and I am so sad to say so.

Dr P's loyal subject..

Settle Washington


I have seen results!


This product was recommended to me. I was looking to purchase a GOOD eye cream. I have sun damage under my eyes from a bad burn years ago. I have puffiness in the mornings now that I have never had before. And I have white bumps and bumpy patches under the eyes as well. I have noticed tightening and the bumps have started to disappear/dissipate with this eye cream. Not much going on in the way of wrinkles though. Crows feet are still crowing! I use this mainly at night PS-I LOVE the face finishing cream the scent is lovely and it does make my skin soft. I am looking into the Cold Plasma Sub D next.


Long Island


time to bring back the "contour"


I have used Perricone products for over 8 years now and consider myself a loyalist. In general, I don't think there is overall better skin care products on the market than Perricone. That said, I am so disappointed in the new Neuropeptide eye cream that replaces the Neuropeptide eye contour. The eye contour gave amazing results for contouring the eye while the eye cream made my eyes puff up even more and turn red. Please Dr. Perricone, bring back the tried and true Neuropeptide Eye Contour. Why get rid of such a great product?

Perricone loyalist

Alexandria Virginai


Consistently powerful


Used twice daily this product shows real results. It has transformed my eye area and diminished lines around my eyes. There is a noticeable difference when I stop using it.It is easy to apply, feels great with no greasy residue and leaves skin feels supple but contoured.


WA, Australia


I can ready see a difference!


I use this product in AM and PM. I've been using it for their weeks and have noticed a visible difference under my eyes. There is less puffiness and crepiness. I have very dark circles and they actually look a little brighter!. This cream is very light and I was surprised at how quickly it absorbed. I am looking forward to seeing the longer use results!

Youthful Grandma

Huntley, I l


Neuropeptide Eye Contour


I am 61 years old and I am on my third bottle of this product. It absolutely helps the fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes. I stopped using it for about two weeks and the wrinkles started to return I will never be without this product. The only issue I have with this product is the price and because of that I only use it at night.


South Carolina


It makes me look and feel young.


I use the product after my shower. By the time I arrive at work, my eyes are not puffy,I do not have any wrinkles, and the compliments I recieve from people are awesome. The one issue with the product is, it does not absorb well.

Diane the jogger

Medford, MA


Not seeing the benefit here


I am a huge fan of the Neuro peptide facial conformer-it's a face and throat lift in a bottle. AMAZING!!!-Friends in New York asked if I had a face lift-I never would it's not my style. But, I don't really get too jazzed about this eye product- the results are so subtle I feel like I prefer other products for softening fine lines and wrinkles-I have used other eye care product for over 25 years-I am a 50 year old professional guy-so I don't have a lot of wrinkles or slack-this product doesn't do it for me-If I had to rave I'd say invest in the neuro peptide conformer and the neuro peptide moisturizer-I got this because I bought the value package but, I would not order it again.


San Francisco California


Neuropeptide Eye Therapy

3.8 25


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