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What is CoQ10?

CoQ10—also known as ubiquinone or coenzyme Q—is an enzyme that’s produced naturally in the body, found in every cell and tissue. Involved in a number of biological functions, it helps produce energy, neutralize free radicals, and keep cells in both skin and body healthy. While a young body can produce as much CoQ10 as it needs, various factors such as aging and stress can lower these levels of the enzyme. As the amount of CoQ10 within the body decreases, your cells’ ability to regenerate and withstand stress declines. Because this decrease of CoQ10 levels correlates with the aging process, it’s regarded as one of the most accurate biomarkers of aging. Ready to learn more? Let’s get started.

CoQ10 Treatments

CoQ10 plays several important roles within your body. Helping to produce 95% of your body’s energy, it’s vital for many of the chemical reactions in your cells. Long story short, without these types of biochemical reactions, your cells would be unable to grown and divide. There’s a great deal of research being done around CoQ10, as many doctors and researchers believe this particular enzyme can help aid in treating a variety of illnesses, including Parkinson’s Disease, heart disease, cancer, and high blood pressure.

Using CoQ10 to Benefit Your Skin

In addition to its internal body benefits, CoQ10 can also play a role in making your skin appear younger. As we already mentioned, CoQ10 levels decrease as you get older; in fact, most women over the age of 30 have below-optimum levels of CoQ10 in the skin. This lack of CoQ10 results in an impeded ability to produce collagen and elastin. But why does that matter? Well, as you may already know, collagen is key in helping make your skin appear firmer, while elastin gives your skin flexibility. When you lose either of these, your skin begins to wrinkle and sag. CoQ10 also helps the skin by acting as a strong antioxidant, helping to neutralize the harmful free radicals that contribute to aging; so when that age-related decline in CoQ10 happens, your skin becomes more prone to damage caused by free radicals. Using topical anti-aging treatments containing CoQ10 can effectively help fight the signs of aging, as the enzyme is able to penetrate deeply and provide antioxidants that help create collagen and elastin.

Using CoQ10 to Aid in Weight Loss

Just as your skin changes as you age, so does your body. Those fine lines and wrinkles you notice on your skin may be accompanied by a few extra pounds. The lack of CoQ10 can play a role not only in your skin’s condition, but in your weight as well. Since CoQ10 assists in the production of energy by the cells, a deficiency can contribute to lower energy levels and a slower metabolism. Many people believe that the decrease of CoQ10 production with age helps explain one reason why older people may find it harder to lose weight. Research even shows that an insufficient amount of CoQ10 can be a contributing factor in some cases of obesity, as recent tests have found a CoQ10 deficiency in some of the obese subjects. When these subjects with low CoQ10 levels were given enzyme supplements, they had an easier time losing some of those extra pounds.

Supplementing with CoQ10

Taking CoQ10 supplements can also play a role in combating the visible signs of aging. Like topical treatments, supplements can help increase CoQ10 level within the skin that help maintain collagen and elastin production. Research has even shown that CoQ10 can help reduce the appearance of crow’s feet around the eyes. Eating foods—such as fish, organ meats like liver and kidney, and chicken—and taking supplements that contain CoQ10 can help maintain the enzyme levels your body needs to stay healthy. Our Health & Weight Management Supplements contain several supplements (including CoQ10) that help promote total body health, weight loss, and youthful-looking skin. These conveniently-packaged supplements are designed to help decrease body fat while giving energy levels a boost by maximizing your body’s ability to convert food to fuel. Those attributes—combined with the skin-health benefits of CoQ10—make it an ideal partner to your daily health regimen.