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Vitamin C Ester: A Breakthrough in Skincare

After many years of research, Dr. Perricone was finally able to achieve a 15% concentration of Vitamin C Ester in stable form. Before you spend too much time scratching your head trying to understand why this was such an exciting breakthrough in skincare, let us explain. Vitamin C Ester is a powerful molecule in the fight against aging skin. Derived from the fusion of natural Vitamin C and Palm Oil, this combination creates a fat-soluble chemical bond; one that delivers optimal benefits to the skin and help restore a smooth surface, imparting unparalleled radiance. Its solubility is what makes Vitamin C Ester so much more effective than Vitamin C alone. While the natural form of Vitamin C is water soluble—limiting its ability to help prevent free radical damage—it’s also very acidic, making it more irritating to the skin. It also breaks down rapidly and, as a result, loses its potency much quicker. This is where ascorbyl palmitate (also known as Vitamin C Ester) enters the picture. There are three key differences between Vitamin C and Vitamin C Ester:
  1. Vitamin C Ester is non-acidic, meaning non-irritating to the skin
  2. It is also fat-soluble, improving its ability to help fight aging skin
  3. Vitamin C Ester's stability enables it to maintain its potency over a longer period of time
So while nothing and no one is necessarily perfect, we might dare to call Vitamin C Ester pretty darn close to perfect as a “skin vitamin.” Harnessing it at its 15% concentration is an incredible advancement in skincare technology and one that could lead to serious benefits for your skin.