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The Ultimate Summer Supplements Guide: What You Need to Beat the Season's Skin & Body Stressors

It’s summertime, and the living is easy. Or at least, it’s supposed to be. Sure, you’re not shoveling the snow off of your car and buying hand sanitizer in bulk in an effort to avoid the flu. No, your skin (thankfully) is no longer cracking from going from frigid cold to dry, artificial heat. But the sunshine, longer days, and everything that comes with it—think shuttling the kids between camp and the pool (while not quitting your day job), traveling, squeezing in as many outside running sessions and happy hours as possible--brings their own set of challenges for our immune systems, complexions and bodies. And, we’re betting your summer skincare routine may be suffering as well. 

If you’re feeling worn down, and your skin is simply not looking its best, or you’re feeling bloated or plateaued no matter how well you’re eating or how hard you’re working out, there’s a very good chance that you’re not getting the optimal blend of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants from your diet alone. And you’re not alone: Beauty editors have long sworn by Dr. Perricone's Skin & Total Body Supplements as the way to “enhance your beauty (and health!) inside and out,” according to US Weekly. Kim Kardashian West has tweeted about her love of Perricone MD, her “favorite supplements for flawless skin and hair.”

Do I really need supplements?

“Supplements have always been at the heart of the Perricone brand, specifically our three-tier philosophy,” explains Rosalba Martone, Perricone Director of Education. 

Skin health doesn’t just involve what we apply topically. The foods we eat, the nutrients we obtain, and the lifestyles we live all directly impact how our skin looks and behaves.

Even someone who eats the most anti-inflammatory style ‘diet’ daily doesn’t necessarily get all the nutrients our bodies need to optimally function. Our vitamins supplement our bodies with nutrients we aren’t able to obtain from the foods that we eat, further contributing to an anti-inflammatory lifestyle from the inside-out.”

The Ultimate Summer Supplements Guide: What You Need to Beat the Season's Skin & Body Stressors | Perricone MD

As always, the biggest thing we need a detox from is inflammation. Dr. Perricone is often referred to as the OG of inflammation . Back in 1997, the board-certified dermatologist and double-certified nutrition specialist declared that inflammation was enemy number one to everyone who hoped to live a long, healthy life. As a prescription for fighting the effects of aging and age-related disease caused by inflammation—the systematic damage of every single organ in the body (including the brain, the heart, and the skin) from free-radical damage—Dr. Perricone developed a comprehensive health and wellness approach that includes high-quality supplementation.

Of course, you should try and get as many antioxidants as possible through fruits and vegetables, but supplements and vitamins are an important way to ensure you’re consuming enough.

One great choice is a food-based antioxidant blends, like the Super Greens that’s loaded with phytonutrients, vitamin C, folic acid, and more.  It’s a blend designed to help protect the body from free radicals, as well as helping the digestive and immune system to function better.

Super Greens Supplement Powder | The Ultimate Summer Supplements Guide: What You Need to Beat the Season's Skin & Body Stressors | Perricone MD

How to fight UV damage & detox skin from the inside out

It doesn’t take a genius to tell you that fending off sun damage is one of the most vital things you should be thinking about in summer months.  But while you may be thinking, of course I’d never leave the house without sunscreen, it’s antioxidant vitamins like vitamin C and E, and carotenoids like astaxanthin have been shown in studies to help defend against free radical damage from the inside out, as well as boosting energy and supporting immune health, so you stop feeling worn down, says Martone.

Put simply, astaxanthin functions as a natural sunscreen for marine plants. It’s the red pigment found in marine algae that’s responsible for giving shrimp the reddish pink hue (because they eat it).

Astaxanthin is so effective at absorbing solar radiation, scientists first studied it for use as a topical sunscreen. But in doing so, they found that it helps shield cells from antioxidant damage by scavenging free radicals and protecting cells from glycation (which speeds up the aging process). In one study, researchers stated that astaxanthin shows “demonstrable promise for slowing age-related functional decline.”

It’s just one of the ingredients in Skin & Total Body Supplements.  Another skin-detoxing superhero in the blend is alpha-lipoic acid, an organic compound found in all human cells. Made inside our mitochondria (the powerful machine that converts nutrients into energy in each of our cells), alpha-lipoic acid is an antioxidant that’s both water- and fat-soluble, which allows it to benefit every single cell in our bodies, unlike many other vitamins (for example, C is solely water-soluble, and E is exclusively fat-soluble). It’s been shown to support  improvement in the tone and texture of skin, making it smoother, healthier and more resilient.

Perricone MD Omega-3 Supplement

You can’t talk about skin-supporting supplements without focusing on Omega-3 fatty acids. These are superstars when it comes to reinforcing and maintaining the skin’s barrier function, allowing your skin to absorb water and skin-friendly nutrients so that it’s plumper and more hydrated (think KKW’s smooth, youthful complexion). Omegas are also the gold standard in nourishing hair from the inside out to support strength, luster and thickness. Our Beauty from the Inside Out kit that includes our Skin & Total Body and Omega-3 supplements, delivers a powerful boost of these fatty acids, plus alpha lipoic acid (ALA), which has been shown to reduce the appearance of fine lines, and even enlarged pores. The daily dose of DMAE helps support the skin’s surface and protect it against environmental complexion wreckers like pollution and UV rays. DMAE has been shown to lift sagging skin over time.

Up your energy naturally

While we generally equate summer with having more energy, it’s also a time when we tend to sleep less and cram in more in an effort to truly seize the day (and the sunshine). You may be squeezing in an extra outdoor workout, or spending extra hours on your garden, or hosting (and attending) more events. And, of course, there are those summer vacation and adventures that really translate to burning the candle at both ends—even if you’re doing exactly what you want to be doing and wouldn’t change a moment of it. The exertion—no matter how much fun—can leave our immune systems drained.

Photo of Reishi Mushrooms

One way to overcome the fatigue is by supplementing with reishi mushrooms, which have been used in traditional Asian medicine for over 4000 years thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties, believed to neutralize chemicals that zap our energy. Recent studies show that mushrooms may help boost insulin levels, allowing the body to more efficiently use blood sugar for energy production.

Another proven combination of energy boosters that help your body and brain work more efficiently are DMAE and L-tyrosine, both found in Health & Weight Management supplements and support a healthy metabolism.

Easy ways to incorporate supplements in your daily routine

It’s tough for even the most disciplined of us to always eat the right balance of foods. And those who follow an anti-inflammatory diet, day-in and day-out, will unfortunately face the reality that our bodies are not the most efficient at absorbing nutrients.

Photo of Perricone MD Super Greens Supplement Powder Smoothie

But summer is the perfect season to start the day with a Super Greens Supplement Powder smoothie. Blended with water and ice, One Serving of Super Greens includes: as much Vitamin C as 4½ tangerines, as much Vitamin A as 2 cups of lettuce, as much Riboflavin as 4 cups of spinach, as much Vitamin B6 as 4 bananas, as much Folic Acid as 4 cups of papaya.

For a simple-to-use, goof-proof way to support healthy weight management, there’s Health and Weight Management Supplements. The set has 90 perfectly portioned packets, each containing 3 softgels, 4 capsules, and one caplet that provide the ideal nutrients to achieve your weight goals.  And you don’t need to worry about piecing together what you need and how much of it to take. The supplements includes DMAE, L-tyrosine, antioxidants, and CLA, a fatty acid that helps support  our bodies’ fat-breakdown process.

What’s your favorite way to take your Perricone MD supplements?