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The Eyes Have It: Makeup Tips for Mature Eyes

Remember when we were young, our goal was to look older...womanly...more sophisticated?

Chances are, makeup application played a big role… as in, the more makeup, the better the chances of passing for a more mature, more “sophisticated” version of ourselves. This likely included a gratuitous spackling of eye shadow, heavy on the shimmer and smokiness.

So, it makes perfect sense - now that we want to counteract the effects of aging on our faces - we should do some things differently, to avoid adding years to our face.

Eye makeup is one of the first things that can be dialed back to look younger and “fresher!”

But unlike the makeup of our mother’s generation, eyeshadow for mature eyes is no longer about hiding the signs of aging, or covering up what makes us look like ourselves. Instead, the wisdom we’ve gained with age has carried over to how we view our makeup—we want to enhance what we have, to look vibrant, fresh, wide awake; we want products that let our natural beauty shine through, while “blurring” the aspects of our face that we think don’t look quite as good as they used to.

Wouldn’t it be great if makeup products actually provided the benefits of skincare, so they’re not just sitting on top of our skin, but they’re actually affecting its surface to help keep us looking beautiful for years to come? Thanks to the advancements made in skincare science, that’s not too much to ask for!

Here are our best makeup tricks for aging skin | Makeup x Mature Skin Series | The Eyes Have It | Perricone MD

Here are our best makeup tricks for aging skin, particularly creating the best eyeshadow looks for mature eyes.

1. Moisturize your wrinkles and crow’s feet.

Start any makeup application by lightly tapping on a nourishing eye cream like Cold Plasma Plus+ Advanced Eye Cream. Use your ring finger for the lightest touch on the delicate skin around your eyes. The copper complex with three amino acids helps improve the appearance of crepey skin for a dramatically firmer, smoother, lifted look.

The extra shot of omega fatty acids from walnuts and flax seeds helps visibly plump and increase radiance over time by strengthening the skin’s moisture barrier and improving its ability to retain water.  

Besides helping thin skin to look more youthful and plump, regular application of eye cream will ensure that you don’t have any dry patches that can make concealer and shadow apply unevenly, making it look heavy, flaky, and cakey.

2. Prepare skin with a primer.

If you want to create a smoother surface for eye makeup to glide on smoothly and to help makeup stay put all day, you need to apply a primer - a “base layer” - to your eyelids first.  

Our No Makeup Concealer works as a fantastic primer (actually it’s a concealer, primer, and highlighter in one), ensuring that eye shadow goes on silky smooth, its color stays “true,”  and it doesn’t creep into creases and crevices as the day goes on.

Prepare skin with a primer | Makeup x Mature Skin Series | The Eyes Have It | Perricone MD

3. Go sheer and dewy, not thick and masky.

For the eye area to look refreshed, use a concealer that’s lightweight and has a bit of sheen to it. The light-reflective particles will help diffuse or blur the look of fine lines (think of your face bathed in soft candlelight instead of, say, harsh dressing room lights).

4. Don’t layer too many products.

We get it—you catch sight of your dark undereye circles and crow’s feet in the mirror (especially after a night of no sleep) and you want to use everything you have to make them disappear. But by layering on too many products to hide them—concealer, foundation, powder—you’re making everything look worse. Resist the urge to overapply.

A little concealer goes a long way—your goal is not to erase the past 20 years, it’s to look like you got a good night’s sleep, so your eyes look light, bright and alert.  

5. Use your fingers.

A great way to avoid a heavy, cakey finish is by applying concealer using your fingertips. Of course, it’s best to start with a sheer, buildable concealer like No Makeup Concealer  instead of something thick and sticky.

Using your finger instead of a makeup brush will ensure that the coverage is sheer, and that the product “melts” into your skin for a natural look.

Use your ring finger for the lightest touch, and be sure to dab gently - never drag or pull your finger across the skin.

Skip the powder. | Makeup x Mature Skin Series | The Eyes Have It | Perricone MD

6. Skip the powder.

Applying powder on top of concealer or foundation (even on top of moisturizer) can make lines and wrinkles more obvious. It’s hard to avoid creating a cakey texture when you add powder (it’s literally like flour, when baking a cake!).

Instead, leave your No Makeup Eyeshadow and No Makeup Concealer powder-free. They’re designed to set on their own, so no dusting is required.

If your skin is oily or if you’re in a hot or humid climate, a little bit of very finely milled powder - preferably with silica, not talc - is OK.

7. Pick and choose what you use, and when.

Brighten and lift your entire look by applying concealer only where you need it, and preserve your skin’s natural glow and texture wherever you don’t! The point is to even out skin tone and hide any darkness, not to mask the whole area, which can look too heavy and actually “weigh down” your eyes.  

If you’ve been dutiful with your skincare routine - or you’re blessed with great genes! - you may even opt to skip concealer and use only our No Makeup Foundation. The formula provides a lightweight wash of dewy, sheer coverage.

Added bonus: it also contains alpha lipoic acid, a fatty acid that is easily absorbed as an antioxidant and helps skin texture look smoother, reduces the appearance of fine lines and helps crepey skin look firmer.  

8. Go for less, not more.

If you have concerns about the look of texture of your eyelids, forego heavy or overly pearlized, shimmery shadows, and throw away large-chunk, glittery shadow once and for all. Instead, choose a skin-tone-like “non-color” to smooth out your skin tone, cover blood vessels or discoloration that may appear when your skin thins with age, and brighten the entire eye area.

Using a very light touch, apply No Makeup Eyeshadow from lashline to brows.  The satin finish glides on easily and immediately “wakes up” the eye area, without looking like you’re wearing makeup. Add a dot of No Makeup Highlighter below and above the arch of the brow to give the illusion of lift.