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The Cold Plasma Liquid Crystal Delivery System: A Skincare Revolution

A revolution in skincare inspired by a fascination with the concept of space. While the correlation between skincare and space might not be immediately clear, stick with us for just a minute. Driven by a passion for the aerospace industry, Dr. Perricone became interested in the concept of space and—during his time spent with scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratories—began working with the top plasma physicists in the world on a process known on cold-plasma technology. It was this process that inspired Dr. Perricone to create a revolutionary new concept for delivering nutrients to the skin called the Cold Plasma Liquid Crystal Delivery System—a carrier full of charged particles developed specifically for topical application. Basically, a powerful delivery system in a jar. But why create a carrier system capable of delivering charged particles to the skin? Here’s the deal—our skin needs certain nutrients to produce the matrix of collagen and elastin that helps maintain a youthful appearance; of particular importance within all of this are the glycosaminoglycans, which is really just a fancy word for the precursors of collagen. When higher levels of glycosaminoglycans are present, it’s evidence of new collagen production in the skin. For years, scientists have researched methods of increasing levels of glycosaminoglycans in the skin in an effort to build up the underlying matrix to create a more youthful-looking appearance. Since many of the most important nutrients needed by our cells either carry an electric charge or are very large molecules, it’s difficult for them to benefit the skin. This presents two problems—charged particles tend to clump together, essentially falling out of the solution; and because the charge itself prevents movement of the ion, these same charged particles do not readily penetrate the skin or cells. This is where the Cold Plasma Liquid Crystal Delivery System comes in. The ions within the special patented proprietary carrier system are insulated, allowing them to rapidly move through the barriers that are normally not traversable and help deliver vital nutrients. By acting as both an insulator and a carrier, the delivery system helps keep particles in the solution—where they belong—rather than just sitting at the bottom of the jar. This ensures that these molecules offer the greatest benefit to the skin, resulting in a significantly firmer and smoother appearance. But at the end of the day, what does all of this really equate to for you and your skin? A skincare solution that can help keep your skin looking youthful for many years to come. Learn more and shop the full Cold Plasma collection.