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Switch on the Power of Hydrogen with H2 Elemental Energy™

Experience weightless all-day hydration. Over time, the damage caused by internal and external factors such as sun exposure, stress and a lack of sleep can lead to skin that looks lackluster at best. While you may already know how to restore your body with the hydration and energy it needs, how do you do the same for your skin? Introducing new H2 Elemental Energy, a comprehensive skincare collection featuring a new breakthrough science developed by our Perricone MD Laboratories and powered by Hydrogen—H2 Energy Complex. Our proprietary H2 Energy Complex helps to energize skin, offering all-day hydration, visible rejuvenation and more radiant-looking skin. Oh, and the best part? Its uniquely innovative light-as-air texture is practically weightless, offering unbeatable hydration without the feel of a thick, heavy cream. Powered by Hydrogen—the smallest molecule in the universe—H2 Energy Complex delivers hydrating vitality that leaves your skin looking re-energized and youthfully radiant. If you’re looking for effective skincare that isn’t overly complicated, look no further than H2 Elemental Energy. Are you ready to meet the newest additions to the Perricone MD family?

Hydrating Cloud Cream

Powerful hydration doesn’t have to mean feeling weighed down by a heavy moisturizer. In fact, with our Hydrating Cloud Cream, it’s exactly the opposite. This airy, cloud-like cream delivers a fresh, hydrating sensation while delivering the deep comfort of a rich moisturizer. Featuring a combination of ingredients selected to provide immediate, intense hydration and help strengthen your skin’s natural moisture barrier, our Hydrating Cloud Cream:
  • Helps prevent loss of moisture by drawing and absorbing moisture from the air
  • Leaves even the driest of complexions looking energized and feeling renewed

Hydrating Booster Serum

Whether you’re regularly plagued by extremely dehydrated skin or suffer from occasional bouts of dryness related to a change in season, extreme temperatures or air travel, our Hydrating Booster Serum is the perfect solution. This intense hydrating treatment helps plump and smooth dehydrated skin, helping to counteract the look and feel of very dry skin by providing deep moisture and optimizing your skin’s water balance. Its key benefits include:
  • Refines skin texture and appearance
  • Improves skin radiance and brightness
  • Soothes and hydrates stressed skin
  • Easily layers or mixes with creams and lotions to enhance hydrating benefits (Insider tip: We love mixing it with our favorite foundation when we want lighter coverage)

De-Puffing Eye Gel

Listen, your eyes need a little TLC too. Designed to melt on contact with your skin, our De-Puffing Eye Gel offers the benefits of a treatment in a lightweight gel moisturizer format ideal for sensitive skin or someone who would rather not deal with a thick cream. The gel not only helps de-puff and hydrate the sensitive eye area, but also:
  • Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines
  • Provides immediate, soothing and cooling hydration

Firming Foam Mask

Get ready to ramp up your skincare routine with our Firming Foam Mask, a concentrated, bi-weekly treatment perfectly suited for dry skin that’s beginning to look less firm and radiant. This lightweight mask foams on contact to instantly energize and firm skin, while delivering the added bonus of a cooling sensation. This fun, easy-to-use mask works over time to firm your skin’s appearance and target more serious skincare concerns. It helps to:
  • Immediately hydrate and nourish skin for instantly increased radiance
  • Reset and replenish skin so that it looks firmer and smoother
  • Instantly re-energize skin for visibly brighter, healthier-looking skin

Advanced Renewal Infusion Serum

And for the finale of it all, our Advanced Renewal Infusion Serum. This intensive anti-aging booster treatment helps to reset the appearance of your skin with its unique activation system, empowering you to create the freshest, most concentrated dose of H2 Energy Complex. This fresh dose of our proprietary and highly concentrated complex works to help activate your skin’s natural energy so that your skin looks re-energized, radiant and returned to its youthful brilliance in just four weeks. The four-piece Advanced Renewal Infusion Serum kit is intended to be used 3-4 times throughout the year, and helps:
  • Deliver energy to the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reset and replenish skin so that it looks firmer and smoother
  • Immediately hydrate and nourish skin for instantly increased radiance
  • Firm skin and refine skin texture
And there you have it. See the radiance, feel the rush, and make dull, tired-looking skin a thing of the past with new H2 Elemental Energy, available now.