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Supplement Your Diet for a Healthier Body, Skin and Lifestyle

Here’s the scenario… You know that taking targeted nutritional supplements is a key piece of our Three-Tiered Solution to healthy living and beautiful skin, but figuring out how to get started can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. The questions of “Where do I begin?”, “What supplements are right for me?” and “I have to take how many capsules a day?” keep spinning in your head. Sound familiar? Well, not anymore. Our new Whole Foods Supplements Collection sets out to change all of that. Not only do the five targeted booster supplements make it easy to personalize the right routine for you, but each one requires taking only 1-2 capsules per day. Each of the supplements within the collection contains a unique selection of both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nutrients, derived from whole foods and chosen based on their anti-inflammatory properties, efficacy and bio-availability. Best of all, it only takes two steps to get on track.

Step 1

Start by adding The Essential Multivitamin+ to your regimen on a daily basis to ensure optimal healthy living, including:
    • Supporting heart health and cardiovascular function
    • Building and maintaining bone and joint health
    • Providing anti-inflammatory benefits and antioxidant protection

Step 2

Select any of the five booster supplements within the assortment that are most appropriate for your individual needs. Whether your goal is to support healthier digestion, skin, sleep or immunity, at least one of the dietary supplements below is sure to fit the bill—just mix and match for desired results. For a healthier gut and flatter stomach, the Digestion Booster supplement:
    • Helps reduce bloating for a flatter, more comfortable stomach
    • Improves digestion by breaking down gluten and milk proteins
    • Restores digestive balance for optimal nutrient absorption
For controlled appetite and weight management, the Metabolism Booster supplement:
    • Helps you feel full longer
    • Helps control emotional eating
    • Helps inhibit the absorption of dietary fat and starch
For smoother, firmer, brighter skin, the Skin Booster supplement:
    • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and improves skin texture
    • Helps boost collagen to improve skin elasticity
    • Helps counteract UV damage and photo-aging
For stress-relief and more restful sleep, the Sleep Booster supplement:
    • Helps you fall asleep faster
    • Helps reduce stress to improve quality of sleep
    • Helps establish a normal sleep cycle for improved health
For increased immunity and circulation, the Travel Booster supplement:
    • Helps support immune health
    • Helps improve circulating during prolonged periods of sitting
Talk about supplementing made easy, right? Powered by whole food nutrients and personalized just for you, our Whole Foods Supplement Collection is ready to simplify the steps to a healthier, more nourished you.