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OVM and the Miracle of Eggshell Membrane

If you're fascinated by the concept of OVM and OVM Serum, know this—you aren't the only one. But what's truly the most remarkable thing about our OVM treatments is the unique ingredient behind it. You already know that egg whites are key to the metabolic diet; they're highly nourishing, easily absorbed and contain essential amino acids. When used as a meal replacement for one or two meals per day, a smoothie made of fresh fruit and purified eggs whites can result in a loss of body fat without the loss of muscle. But the benefits don't stop there. The membrane surrounding the developing embryo within the eggs possesses amazing qualities and nutrients. Through his scientific research, Dr. Perricone discovered a way to harness the age-defying proteins, minerals and vitamins in Eggshell Membrane so that its benefits can be applied topically. And this is where the concept of OVM was born.

Frequently Asked Questions About the OVM Treatments

What is Eggshell Membrane?

The Eggshell Membrane is the thin layer between the egg white and the shell, designed by nature with the perfect matrix of compounds to nourish and protect the precious egg.

What is bio-matrix technology?

"Bio" from the Greek "bios" means "life" and a matrix is "an environment in which something develops; a surrounding medium or structure." That’s how our bio-matrix technology and special carrier system utilize an ideal matrix of compounds to nourish and protect skin.

What are the skin and health benefits of Eggshell Membrane, and how do the ingredients help revitalize the appearance of skin?

The Eggshell Membrane is unique—it's responsible for nourishing the embryo, providing all of the nutrients and factors it needs to develop in a short period of time. It’s an ideal substance to use in a skincare product because it is a powerful age-fighter that supplies both antioxidants and nutrients. OVM helps reduce the appearance of dryness, fine lines, wrinkles and pores. In fact, in a consumer use study of OVM Serum, after four weeks of use, 88% reported their skin appeared immediately firmer, 86% saw the appearance of youthful cushioning and 84% reported their skin appeared renewed and radiant.

Why can we use Retinol during the day in Perricone MD products?

The OVM collection’s proprietary bio-matrix carrier system helps preserve fragile Retinol, which can easily be oxidized and become unstable. In addition, our technologically-advanced bio-matrix carrier system can help amplify the benefits of Retinol; this means a lower percentage of Retinol, with a higher efficacy of benefits. When we can achieve Retinol's age-fighting power at a low dose, it helps to minimize the possible side effects such as photosensitivity, redness and peeling (which can occur with the Retinol in other products that do not have access to our technologically-advanced proprietary carrier system).

How do DMAE and Retinol work together?

DMAE is a natural skin soother that has positive effects, including minimizing the appearance of pore size and giving increased tone and luminosity. In combination with Retinol, DMAE helps give immediate visible benefits to skin in terms of increased radiance and brightness.

What makes OVM products different from other products?

Their unique combination of patented ingredients (including Eggshell Membrane in its pure state), and proven, tested, therapeutic benefits!

What’s the best way to apply OVM treatments, and how often?

After cleansing, liberally apply OVM in the morning and OVM Serum at night. Each treatment should be followed with the Perricone MD moisturizer of your choice. For optimal benefits, use them together to enhance their power.

How is OVM pronounced?

OVM is pronounced like “OM” with the “V” being silent. It is inspired by the Latin word, “ovum,” which means “egg.” ]]>