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New Season, “New” Skin: Reveal Your Radiance the Smart (Peel) Way

A newly-reformulated Perricone MD favorite, Blue Plasma is the perfect solution for getting smart with your skin.[/caption] In just a few short weeks, we’ll wave goodbye to summer and hello to fall. As we embrace the changing seasons, why not embrace a change in the appearance of your skin? That’s right—it’s time for new. New season, “new” skin, and a newly-formulated Perricone MD favorite with Blue Plasma.

Get Smart with Your Skin

It’s probably fair to say that getting smart with your skin begins and ends with you, but it doesn’t hurt when the skincare products you choose have a little intelligence of their own. Thanks to Bio-specific Peeling technology, healthy skin cells can breathe a sigh of relief. Why? The unique formula of Blue Plasma targets only lifeless skin cells on the surface. Meanwhile, micro-extraction helps to lift surface debris—unclogging and purifying the skin of build-up—while hydro-fusion technology aids in balancing skin's hydration with enriched water. The result is smoother, brighter, more luminous-looking skin without the redness or irritation of traditional peels. The best part of it all? Zero. Rinsing. Required. Just apply and follow with your daily skincare regimen (don’t worry, we’ll get to that part in just a minute).
Blue Plasma delivers results that are difficult to achieve with other conventional peel treatments or exfoliators.

What Makes Blue Plasma Different from a Traditional Facial Peel?

We get it—in a world where it can feel like at-home facial peels are a dime a dozen, picking the right one for you can be a daunting task. Luckily, we’ve got a solution to make that decision a much easier one. With its cutting-edge cosmetic engineering, Blue Plasma delivers results that are difficult to achieve with other conventional peel treatments or exfoliators. Its unique, non-acidic formula doesn’t typically result in the same after effects users often experience with “harsh” peels, such as skin damage, micro tears or abrasions, dryness and environmental sensitivity.

But is Exfoliation Really Necessary?

While cellular turnover typically occurs every 28-30 days in a young person’s skin, the process can begin to take up to 45-50 days in our later years. So if you’re starting to notice dull, lackluster skin, that’s likely one of the biggest reasons why. This is where exfoliation comes in—no matter your age, it plays a big role in helping to encourage surface skin renewal. But before you go reaching for the nearest exfoliator, keep in mind that the right type of exfoliation is crucial to the health of your skin. Granule-based scrubs can end up causing more damage than good, so using a non-abrasive, enzyme-based formula like Blue Plasma is key in stimulating surface skin renewal without any harsh effects. If you’re still not convinced, how’s this for an added bonus? Treatment products tend to perform better on freshly-exfoliated skin.

Incorporating it into Your Skincare Regimen

Don’t worry, don’t worry—all of this talk about “new” doesn’t mean you need to throw your existing skincare regimen out the window. Instead, here’s how to incorporate Blue Plasma into your daily routine:
  1. Clean skin with the cleanser of your choice.
  2. Follow by smoothing Blue Plasma over your entire face once a day (morning or evening), no rinsing needed.
  3. Wait a few moments, then apply your Perricone MD face and eye treatments.
  4. Follow with a moisturizer such as Face Finishing Moisturizer or Multi-Action Overnight Treatment.
Pretty simple, right? So sure, there may be a few changes in store over the next few weeks that you’re not exactly ready to embrace—like the sudden disappearance of summer weather, for example—but when it comes to your skin, change can be a good thing.