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Lipstick Shade Matching: Your Lips, But Better

You know how some people will go to any extent to get naturally rosy looking lips, including pinching them before heading out the door? Or, how about when grandma wanted to make sure her skin and lip color were in unison so she’d dot her lipstick on her cheeks and blend it in, before dotting and blending on her lips? Getting that natural glow and hint of color to your skin has been the elusive pot of gold that for years we’ve all been trying to capture.  The “no-makeup” makeup look, if you will.

Lipstick Shade Matching: Your Lips, But Better | Perricone MD

Well, leave it to Perricone MD to finally figure it out so anyone can master it - even the most novice of beauty enthusiasts. So, what’s the secret to looking naturally luminous? It’s as simple as focusing on the right products –  especially when it comes to selecting the perfect shade of lipstick, matched with the right foundation.

And that’s where the Perricone MD No Makeup Lipstick shines.

Essential to the fresh-faced movement is the “your lips, but better” trend, or the idea of simply enhancing your natural lip color - not covering it up. Our newly expanded range of sheer No Makeup Lipstick color doesn’t mask your sexiest feature like traditional cosmetics, but enhances it, making it perfect for those that are just not really into wearing a bright red, or bold matte lip.

Lipstick Shade Matching: Your Lips, But Better | Perricone MD

Plus, each lipstick moisturizes and improves the texture of your lips with naturally derived neuropeptides and hyaluronic filling spheres.  In combination with the expertly curated No Makeup Collection, you can master the “no makeup” makeup look- from foundation to lipstick - and let the naturally beautiful you shine through.

Here’s where to begin.

Identify your skin color and tone

You probably already know if your skin is fair, light, medium, or deep. But that’s just one aspect of the equation. You also need to determine whether your skin has undertones of cool, warm or neutral tones. The easiest way to determine this? Look at the veins on your wrist. If they look slightly greenish in color, you likely have warm undertones. If they look blue? You’re cool! Can’t quite determine what color they are - or see a bit of both hues - then you’re most likely neutral.

Lipstick Shade Matching: Your Lips, But Better | Perricone MD

If your undertone is warm...

You may have more golden, peachy, or yellowish hints that imbue your skin. These gilded tones also mean that skin tans easily in the sun, or already naturally has a golden glow to it.  Warm undertones are common in those with red, brown, or strawberry blonde hair, and with eye colors of brown, hazel, or amber.

If your undertone is cool...

You tend to have a more blue, red, or pink underlying tint to your skin. Because your skin tends to be on the fairer side, you’re likely prone to flushing frequently, having rosy cheeks and burn easily in the sun. Cool undertones are typical for those with naturally brown, black or blonde hair, and with blue, grey, or green eyes.

If your undertone is neutral…

Lucky you! You’re the most versatile of all. Neutral undertones are a combination of warm and cool undertones, and thus are the most adaptable in terms of what colors you can wear effortlessly. If you possess both traits, you neither see too much rosiness to your cheeks, nor golden hues - your skin’s natural color is most prominent.

Translate your undertones into the right lipstick and foundation shade

That's right! You need to think about both lipstick and foundation in relation to each other. Because, if you consider your face as a canvas, the whole image should work together harmoniously.

Thus, finding the right shade of lipstick just got infinitely easier, now that you know exactly what undertones lie within your skin. Your goal is to find lipstick shades that mimic (read: highlight) the same ones (cool, warm or neutral).

That also means complementing your lipstick colors with the right shade of your foundation. If sheer coverage with a light, dewy finish is your goal, try our No Makeup Foundation. For a semi-matte finish with buildable coverage, opt for our No Makeup Foundation Serum. Both formulas offer Broad Spectrum SPF 20 protection, plus the anti-aging benefits of neuropeptides, and daisy flower extract.

Cool undertones

You look gorgeous in rich plums, mauves, and crimsons that have blue and purple hues. So, try pairing No Makeup Lipstick in Original Pink with No Makeup Foundation or Foundation Serum in Porcelain. Or, No Makeup Lipstick in Wine with No Makeup Foundation or Foundation Serum in Rich.

Lipstick Shade Matching: Your Lips, But Better | No Makeup Foundation Serum | Perricone MD

Warm undertones

The sunny tones in your skin look glowing and luminous against lip shades of peach, coral, copper, orange reds, sienna or browns. You’ll love No Makeup Lipstick in Berry with No Makeup Foundation or Foundation Serum in Beige or Buff. Equally beautiful is combining No Makeup Lipstick in Cognac with No Makeup Foundation or Foundation Serum in Tan.

Lipstick Shade Matching: Your Lips, But Better | No Makeup Foundation Serum | Perricone MD

Neutral undertones

When it comes to lipstick shades, the possibilities are endless.  Your skin is radiant in soft or bold tones. So, have it both ways! Go for No Makeup Lipstick in Rose with No Makeup Foundation or Foundation Serum in Ivory or Nude. Or, aim brighter with No Makeup Lipstick in Red with No Makeup Foundation or Foundation Serum in Golden.

Lipstick Shade Matching: Your Lips, But Better | No Makeup Foundation Serum | Perricone MD

Enhance the appearance of your lips

Simply gorgeous shades are essential, but texture is also important when choosing a lip color. As we age, the lips begin to show fine lines around the edges of the mouth, and lipsticks with significant shimmer or sparkle add texture that serves to highlight these lines. Similarly, matte lipsticks can add years, especially with drier lips in need of plumping and hydration.

The sheer, satin finish to all No Makeup Lipsticks enhance lips and bring back a youthful color, shape, and appearance. The special solid-to-serum formulation quickly transforms to a hydrating liquid that gives lips the essential moisture they need to stay soft and supple, thanks to hyaluronic filling spheres that keep lips super-hydrated.

The clinically advanced formula goes beyond surface moisturizing. It also contains broad spectrum  SPF 15 to protect the lips and powerful anti-aging ingredients like naturally derived neuropeptides to smooth and firm skin’s appearance. The sheer tints also actually adapt to your individual skin chemistry to produce an enlivened natural lip tone that improves with each use. So, your lips look younger and fresher the longer you use it.

Complete your beauty prescription

Want to make the process foolproof? Expert advice from Perricone MD’s Shade Finder Tool will help you instantly match the perfect shade of concealer, foundation and lipstick instantly. Just six short, easy-to-answer questions help determine your undertones and shade range. You’ll identify skin characteristics, including your tone and how easily you tan or burn and share what clothing colors and jewelry you prefer.