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Introducing: The New No Makeup Skincare Collection

The ever-trending ‘no makeup’ look has taken over the beauty industry — from fashion runways and magazine editorial, to the entrepreneur and soccer mom. But did you know that Perricone MD was first to put this trend on the map years ago?

That’s right, we created the #NoMakeup look before it even became a look. The days of heavy, caked-on makeup are far over.

Meet the New No Makeup Skincare Collection

This May 2019, we’re relaunching the iconic collection: No Makeup Skincare. We’ve upgraded formulas and packaging along with extending our shade palettes, which will make this our most covetable collection yet.

The “no makeup” look gives a fresh, effortless look...a healthy-looking complexion that’s “perfected” but still looks like you. Our No Makeup Skincare is designed to enhance your natural beauty rather than masking it like traditional foundations.

Our formulations are easy to work with — they’re pretty much foolproof! — and wear like a second skin. But most importantly, they’re formulated with Perricone MD’s signature sciences — powerful, patented skincare ingredients that aren’t available in other makeup products.

Our No Makeup Foundation and No Makeup Foundation Serum camouflage imperfections and enhance natural beauty while simultaneously treating skin with corrective skincare ingredients, for true 2-in-1 skincare-infused makeup products. They lay smoothly on all kinds of skin types, allowing them to always look natural and feel weightless.

How to Master the No Makeup Look

Some things to remember...the “no makeup” look should be effortless, and can be done in less than 15 minutes! Don’t think too much about it, and remember to start with sheer layers and build if you want more coverage or more color intensity.

It’s always easier to apply more product than to remove it if you think you’ve applied too little.

Here are some of our favorite tips from our Director of Education and in-house makeup artist, Rosalba Martone.

As a professional makeup artist, I appreciate that all the products can be applied with fingertips, which make them perfect for on-the-go and touch-ups throughout the day. All of our products can be mixed to create different looks and finishes, so there truly is no wrong way to apply them.

My favorite No Makeup application tips, from priming to finishing steps!


Skincare truly is the best foundation — that’s why it’s always best to start with freshly prepped skin. I love applying Face Finishing & Firming Moisturizer, as it’s antioxidant-rich and delivers optimal hydration without feeling or looking greasy. Follow with Cold Plasma Plus+ Eye Advanced Eye Cream, all the way around the eye contours, and over the eyelids. Promote 5 signs of youthful-looking eyes with just one product!

Prime skin with No Makeup Instant Blur. It instantly reduces the look of fine lines, wrinkles, pores and redness while creating a perfectly smooth canvas for a flawless complexion application that wears all day.


For that effortless, natural “no makeup” look, choosing the right foundation is key. First, choose your desired coverage and finish. If you prefer sheer coverage with a luminous finish, try our No Makeup Foundation. Infused with wrinkle-fighting neuropeptides and hyaluronic acid for all-day hydration, this foundation makes achieving supple, dewy skin easy.


For medium-to-full buildable coverage with a semi-matte finish, No Makeup Foundation Serum will be your best friend! Layer to build your desired coverage without magnifying skin texture. Even with its buildable coverage, it won’t highlight wrinkles or enlarged pores.


Looking for medium to buildable coverage with a luminous finish? Simply add 1 or 2 drops of No Makeup Highlighter into 1 or 2 drops of No Makeup Foundation Serum, and apply. Our foundations are best applied with fingertips or a synthetic fiber brush. The tighter-bound the bristles are, the more coverage you’ll get. The looser-bound the bristles are, the less coverage.

BONUS TIP: My favorite tip for applying foundation for a flawless finish is to only apply it where you wish to see coverage. From there, press and blend outward. This allows you to get coverage where you need it, without having to cover the entire face, but still create a uniform canvas.

Introducing: The New No Makeup Skincare Collection | Perricone MD


Now comes the dreadful part — what’s my shade?!  Luckily, we made this part easy for you as well. All of our new shades have neutral undertones, that sway either cooler, warmer or remain truly neutral. The benefit? Each shade matches a variety of skin tones and won’t oxidize too warm or cool while you’re wearing it. You can also check out our new Shade Finder Tool on and take a quick quiz to determine your recommended shade!

After applying your choice of foundation, apply No Makeup Concealer to any stubborn dark spots or imperfections on the face that require more coverage. Press and blend.

For under eyes, my secret weapon is actually the combination of No Makeup Blush and No Makeup Concealer. First, apply a dot of No Makeup Blush ONLY where you see darkness. Press into the skin. Now, if this looks pink on the skin you’re doing it right!

Next, apply your concealer over the same area as the blush, press and blend inward and/or outward. The blush acts as a color corrector, neutralizing the darkness, resulting in better coverage with less concealer.

Introducing: The New No Makeup Skincare Collection | Perricone MD

No Makeup Bronzer is applied to the temples, bridge of the nose and in the hollows of the cheeks to create a soft-focus, natural contouring effect. For a more dramatic look, simply layer more until you achieve your desired result.

No Makeup Highlighter adds subtle luminosity without the look of glitter or sparkle. Apply it to the height of your cheekbones, bow of the lips and bridge of the nose. I love to add some to the inner corners of the eyes and above the arch of the brow.

Apply No Makeup Blush to the apples of the cheeks, blending upward towards the temples. I love mixing No Makeup Blush with No Makeup Highlighter!

Introducing: The New No Makeup Skincare Collection | Perricone MD

Now, we frame and define the eyes. Apply No Makeup Eyeshadow from the lashline to the brows, pressing and blending. You can leave it as is, and it will even out the tone of the eyelids while giving a more polished look. Layer on your favorite eyeshadows for a long-wearing, crease-proof application. I also love this as a lip primer, especially if you’re trying to achieve a nude lip and you happen to have very naturally pigmented lips.

Add your No Makeup Mascara — I like to use the wide-tooth brush side first, and then I sweep through with the narrow-tooth comb side. 1-2 coats keeps it looking natural, yet defined. But if you’re like me and like dramatic lashes, layer the mascara until you reach your desired look!

Complete the look with No Makeup Lipstick, which has hydration, tint and SPF all in one. Applying a small amount of this over your blush on the apples of your cheeks is stunning as well, and gives a glossy, “magazine editorial” look to the skin.

Voilà! You just mastered a “no makeup” look with skin-correcting benefits in 15 minutes or less!

And just like that, the seemingly impossible has become possible. Send us your favorite looks using our collection!