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How To: 5 Tips for Changing Your Skincare Routine with the Changing Seasons

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s about that time—time to put away those summer tops and dig out the jackets you’ve had tucked away for the past few months. Now you’re probably wondering what this has to do with your skin, but stick with us for just a second longer. You see, just like your wardrobe changes with the seasons, so should your skincare regimen. With colder weather and drier air entering the picture, keeping your skin nourished throughout the fall and winter months can be a challenge. That’s right, even the most oily skin is left begging for moisture thanks in large part to lower temperatures and indoor heating systems that zap moisture right out of the air. Speaking of oily skin, while it can be less susceptible to dryness during the colder months, that doesn’t mean it’s completely immune to the effects of the changing seasons. Oftentimes, those with more oily skin tend to use harsh cleansers in an effort to alleviate any blemishes, which can really end up doing more harm than good. But fear not! We’ve pulled together a list of tips for changing up your skincare routine for the changing seasons (and of course, a few product suggestions to make things even easier). So without further adieu, here are our five tips for updating your regimen for the fall:
    1. Put down that heavy-duty cleanser you’ve been using all summer. Your skin’s oil production typically experiences a decrease as the temperatures drop, so opt for something more mild like our Nutritive Cleanser or Blue Plasma. (Speaking of Blue Plasma, see what makes this “smart” peel such a smart choice for your skin here.)

    1. Avoid washing your face too frequently since this can strip your skin of natural oils, creating the potential for dryness and peeling. While this is especially important for skin that tends to be on the oilier side, it’s a good idea to keep this tip in mind no matter your skin type.

    1. Take a shorter shower, keep the water temperature down and stay away from scented bath products to avoid drying out the skin.

    1. Choose a heavier moisturizer and consider adding a hydrating serum to your routine. The dry, brisk air of the fall and winter months can leave your skin feeling dry and tight; swap out your light summer moisturizer for one that offers more hydration and is rich enough to help draw in moisture and slow moisture loss during those colder days. Our Face Finishing Moisturizer and Multi-Action Overnight Treatment are great options to try for day and night respectively. For an added hydration boost, consider applying a serum such as our Chia Serum before applying your moisturizer. (Pro Tip: Apply moisturizer while your skin is still damp to help lock in all that added moisture.)

  1. Take supplements such as Omega 3 to help hydrate skin from the inside out.
Oh, and what about the sun damage that might have happened to your skin over the summer? We’ve got the solution for that too. Give your entire body an extra boost of moisture with Cold Plasma Body, and use a treatment like our new Thio:Plex Intensive 2-Step Brightening Treatment to promote the look of brighter, tighter skin. No doubt about it, making the transition from those balmy 90-degree days to those inevitable 40-degree days is no easy task. While we can’t do much to change the weather ( us, we would if we could), we hope that these tips at least help make that transition just a tiny bit easier for your skin.