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Exfoliate Your Way to Healthier-Looking Winter Skin

We’ve discussed the importance of exfoliation before, but consider this—if your winter skincare routine changes with the seasons, does that mean your exfoliation needs change too? You bet it does. When the weather outside is truly frightful, those lower temperatures and drier air are a recipe for dry, dull skin. Throw in the fact that our exercise routines and diets (hello, comfort food) are likely to take a hit as the days become shorter and dreary, and it’s no surprise that our skin can begin looking a little lackluster at best. Thankfully, healthier-looking winter skin is well within reach. While keeping skin hydrated using a heavier moisturizer is one piece of the winter skincare puzzle, let’s not forget the crucial role exfoliation plays in keeping your skin merry and bright throughout the entire holiday season (and beyond).

Why Should I Exfoliate in the Winter?

Now don’t get us wrong; it’s true that no matter the season, exfoliation is a key part of any skincare regimen. However, given that our cellular turnover tends to slow in the colder winter months, it’s especially important during this time of the year. Think about it this way—we already know that keeping your skin hydrated is critical for a glowing, youthful appearance. By swapping out your light summer moisturizer for something heavier (and possibly even adding a hydrating serum to really give your skin a hydration boost), it not only helps draw in moisture but can also slow moisture loss throughout the day. But applying a moisturizer on top of dead skin cells doesn’t really sound like the most effective thing, does it? That’s because it’s not; and this is where exfoliation becomes so critical. Removing that top layer of dead skin essentially sets up your moisturizer for success, allowing it to better penetrate your skin and help maximize its benefits. The key, though, is to make sure you’re not over-exfoliating.

Signs of Over-Exfoliation and How to Avoid It

It’s true, you really can have—or in this case, do—too much of a good thing. If you’re starting to notice redness, excessive dryness, flaking, irritation or tightness (among other things), this may be a sign that you’re giving your skin a little too much of that tough love. But how often you should exfoliate will depend on your individual skin type; the good news is that there are gentle alternatives out there to help make the answer to that question much simpler. Our Blue Plasma peel is gentle enough for daily use, thanks in large part to Bio-specific Peeling technology—targeting only the lifeless skin cells on the surface—and its non-acidic formula, which is less likely to result in the same negative after effects people often experience with “harsher” peels (including skin damage, dryness and increased sensitivity). If you’re thinking about taking things up a notch, we’ve teamed up with Dermaflash to offer the limited-edition Ultimate Exfoliation & Treatment System. This at-home skin resurfacing device and age-defying regimen (featuring Blue Plasma Cleansing Treatment and OVM) help clear away dead skin cells and built-up debris while simultaneously removing peach fuzz to unveil smooth, radiant-looking skin. Using this just once a week can help keep sad-looking skin at bay all season long, especially when used in conjunction with your winter-approved skincare regimen. Remember, that gray and gloomy winter weather doesn’t have to rain (or snow) on your parade this holiday season. Healthy-looking, glowing skin is well within reach—all it takes is remembering the simple tips above.