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Don’t Miss a Beat This Festival Season with These On-The-Go Beauty Survival Tips

Ah, festival season. While it’s mostly about the music, there’s one thing we can’t help but confess to—it’s also about the look. From makeup to clothing, every little detail matters. But when you’re constantly on the go and the temperatures start rising, keeping your look in perfect shape is often easier said than done. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of our can’t-miss beauty survival tips to ensure you stay looking (and feeling) refreshed no matter how long you’ve been dancing the day away.

Tip #1: Your sunscreen is as vital as your setlist

Sure, this one is probably a no-brainer…but when the day gets going and you’re busy bouncing from stage to stage, food stand to food stand, and bathroom line to bathroom line, this important little step is often the first one to be forgotten. Nothing puts a damper on all that fun in the sun like coming home to skin that’s as red as a lobster (talk about ruining your festival look!). Not only does it make for a painful few days, but as you already know, overexposure to the sun can also lead to visible signs of photoaging and put you at greater risk for skin cancer. The good news is that protecting yourself from the sun is as simple as it is crucial. Let your skincare work double-time for you by reaching for a product with SPF, such as Photo Plasma, which will give your skin the essential moisture it needs while also offering protection from the sun. Don’t forget to toss a broad-spectrum SPF in your bag and reapply throughout the day; make remembering easy by setting a reminder on your phone for every couple of hours. Your skin will thank you.

Tip #2: A day-to-night makeup look that won’t melt (or clog pores)

Let’s face it, after 12+ hours out in the elements, you’ll likely wonder why you spent so much time on your makeup in the first place (and probably be apologizing to some seriously clogged pores). Keep it simple, keep it easy, and keep it light. You can get an effortless no-makeup look while also offering benefits to your skin with our No Makeup Collection. Our steps for the perfect no-makeup look? Simple. Just start with No Foundation Foundation Serum to help perfect your complexion and protect with SPF 30, then follow with No Blush Blush and No Highlighter Highlighter for a natural hint of color and instant radiance. Complete the look with a coat or two of No Mascara Mascara and a quick swipe of No Lipgloss Lipgloss for SPF 15 protection. Effortlessly gorgeous in a matter of minutes, for skincare benefits that will last you throughout the day.

Tip #3: Stick close to your BFF, good ol’ H2O

Whether you’re on the festival grounds or getting in some much-needed R&R, remember that water is your ultimate partner in crime for the weekend. We’ve already discussed the importance of keeping both body and skin hydrated, but this is especially true when you’re battling the heat and constantly on the move. Always keep a water bottle handy and make a mental note of where the water refill stations are located; aside from knowing which bathrooms are guaranteed to have the shortest lines (admittedly the most important piece of information to arm yourself with), knowing where to go to keep your thirst at bay will help keep you rocking all day long and your skin looking radiant.

Tip #4: Go VIP with oil-free

When your oil glands start working overtime to combat the heat and inevitable moisture loss that comes with it, the last thing you want to toss into the equation is more oil. Instead, reach for lightweight oil-free products that won’t contribute to greasy, slick-looking skin or clog your pores. Deliver instant hydration—and the protection of SPF 30—to skin with Face Finishing Moisturizer Tint, giving your skin a dewy, softly-tinted glow sure to get your day started right. In need of a full regimen? Reach for our Pre:Empt Series for an entire collection of oil-free options.

Tip #5: Push the reset button on your skin

Chances are, you probably left your regular skincare regimen at home for the weekend. We don’t blame you—but that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook when it comes to taking the proper steps to show your skin a little love at the end of each day. We know crawling into bed is probably the first and only thing on your mind by the time you finally get home and throw off your shoes, but for the sake of your skin, don’t underestimate the power of a mini skincare regimen. Priority number one? Removing all the makeup, dirt, and other impurities that piled up on your skin throughout the day. If you’re looking for a quick but effective no-water-necessary solution, reach for our Blue Plasma Cleansing Treatment—an absolute lifesaver if the campground happens to be your temporary home away from home. If nothing else, finish your routine with a multi-tasking moisturizer to help replenish lost moisture and ensure you wake up looking refreshed. Our suggestion? Try Multi-Action Overnight Treatment to deeply hydrate skin overnight while fighting the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to firm, tone, and tighten skin’s appearance. And for instant, weightless all-day hydration, our new H2 Elemental Energy Collection is sure to fit the bill. Have some on-the-go beauty tips of your own? Join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the #PerriconeMD hashtag.