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Detoxing Your Skin and Body

We’ve all been there—after a summer filled with festive parties, outdoor activities and sun exposure, or a holiday-fueled winter with plenty of celebrations, it’s not uncommon to start feeling like our bodies could use a little bit of a detox. Trust us, you’re not alone on that one. But there’s good news! You don’t need to go extreme to see results; simple changes to your diet and skincare regimen can yield serious benefits to help you achieve dramatic results. The good news is that you don’t need to go on an extreme cleanse to see results. Simple changes to your diet and skincare routine can yield tremendous results. Here are some food, supplement and ingredient recommendations to help you achieve beautiful, radiant-looking skin.

Detox on a Plate

Detoxifying foods assist the body in getting rid of environmental and dietary toxins while also supporting the optimal function of critical organs—the same organs that impact the health and appearance of your skin. Experience the healing and beautifying effects of these foods by incorporating them into your daily diet. Seriously, it’s as simple as that. Coldwater Fish Rich in Omega-3 essential fatty acids, coldwater fish act as natural anti-inflammatories and are great for detoxifying the skin. What kind of fish are we talking about here? Well, wild salmon, sardines, herring and anchovies fit the bill just fine. The Omega-3 found in these can also help reduce the stress chemicals that can cause or aggravate acne. Go Green Green foods are powerful detoxifying agents that can help counter the negative effects of an inflammatory diet, particularly when it comes to alcohol consumption. These “green foods” include a range of plant-based delicacies, such as young barley grass, kale, spinach, arugula and other leafy greens. Watercress, the Detoxifying Superstar Watercress contains an absolute powerhouse of nutrients, having been used as a tonic since ancient times to help cleanse the blood and liver of toxins and promote an overall feeling of good health. It’s been used in a variety of ways, including enhancing stamina and ridding the body of excess fluids; it’s also a great antioxidant and helps with many health issues and weight management. Watercress is the perfect addition to omelets, salads and soups, so adding it into your daily diet is a breeze. Vitamin B2 Consuming foods rich in Vitamin B2 helps to reduce stress and cleanse the system. These include spinach, almonds, eggs and mushrooms. Omegas In addition to incorporating Omega-3 into your diet, add Omega-6 essential fatty acid supplements—such as borage oil or evening primrose oil—which are rich in linoleic acid and extremely beneficial to the skin.

Detox from the Outside In

As the body’s largest organ, the skin is constantly exposed to the elements and environmental toxins. Your pores can easily become clogged with pollutants and dirt, ultimately leading to breakout and enlarged pores. The solution? Treat your skin with topical ingredients that detoxify from the outside in; just cleanse, exfoliate and treat with powerful anti-inflammatories. So there you have it. See? We meant it when we said that achieving extreme results doesn’t have to mean taking extreme measures.