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But First, Skincare: How-To Make Aging Skin Look and Feel Its Best (Naturally)

They say 50 is the new 40, and it certainly feels that way. As most of us can attest, maturing brings with it endless perks—self-confidence, truly knowing yourself and feeling comfortable in your own skin.  

As far as our skin goes, there’s cause for rejoicing too—gone are the frequent breakouts and often clogged pores. Chances are, any hormonally fueled discoloration has run its course as well (goodbye, melasma).

At this stage, our beauty routine is less about hiding whatever the perceived flaw of the day is under makeup, and more about treating our skin with lots of TLC—hydrating, nourishing and imparting the moisture it’s likely lacking so that skincare actually becomes our most perfect foundation.

Here’s what aging skin needs to look and feel its best, naturally.

But First, Skincare: How-To Make Aging Skin Look and Feel Its Best (Naturally) | Perricone MD

Hydrate, hydrate, and then hydrate some more.

For most of us, skin begins to become drier (even if it was once oily). The lipid barrier that locks in moisture starts to deplete, and skin’s natural hyaluronic acid begins to diminish as well. What happens when skin becomes dehydrated? Basically the difference between a grape and a raisin. Many of us forget that true hydration begins from the inside out.

Perricone MD Director of Education Rosalba Martone recommends drinking lots of water, eating Omega-rich foods such as salmon, and adding an Omega-3 supplement to your daily vitamin mix.

When choosing a moisturizer, look for products rich in hyaluronic acid, which helps plump up skin so that fine lines and wrinkles become less visible, and overall texture is smoother and more resilient (think baby skin that bounces back the second you touch it). Our Hyaluronic Intensive Moisturizer is scientifically formulated with three forms of hyaluronic acid: micro hyaluronic acid to help plump skin, cross-linked hyaluronic acid for continuous hydration to reduce the appearance of fine lines, and barrier hyaluronic acid to help prevent moisture loss. Plus, it’s oil-free, making it a no-brainer even if your maturing skin tends to get oilier on the t-zone.

Another important add-in to a truly effective anti-aging skincare routine: a deeply moisturizing mask two or three times a week. Think of this as your self-care time. Smooth on a nutrient-rich, moisture-infusing mask like our Cocoa Moisture Mask and leave it on for five to ten minutes before your bedtime routine. These few minutes of blanketing clean skin with DMAE, hyaluronic acid and cocoa extract are a powerful (and decadent) way to create the appearance of plumper, more lifted skin with fewer lines and wrinkles.

Mature makeup must-know:  

One of the greater ironies of skincare versus makeup for aging skin is that while our moisturizers should get richer and often heavier, our makeup should be going in the opposite direction—lighter and airier (as in, barely there) so as not to make us look older.  

Let’s be honest: no amount of makeup will hide skin that’s not properly cared for (read: dehydrated and simply not ready for anything to be applied to it).

Once you’ve provided your complexion with the right canvas of skincare it needs for makeup, a sheer, lightweight, buildable foundation will create youthful, smooth skin. And, without accentuating and creeping into lines and wrinkles. Our No Makeup Foundation creates a natural-looking, dewy complexion, thanks to alpha lipoic acid, a fatty acid that is easily absorbed as an antioxidant and helps skin texture look smoother, reducing fine lines and pores. Why go dewy over matte? Think of a child’s skin—it always has a hint of radiance and sheen, never a matte “mask” look.

But First, Skincare: How-To Make Aging Skin Look and Feel Its Best (Naturally) | No Makeup Foundation | Perricone MD

Focus on brightening skin.

Speaking of avoiding a matte mask…one of the worst things about parched skin is that dryness translates to dullness. And that dullness reads as older. Here’s what’s happening under the surface: by our 30s, the rate of our cell renewal starts to seriously slow down.

The longer it takes for the body to naturally slough away the dead cells, the longer they have to pile up and sap the luster out of our skin, not to mention making wrinkles look deeper and heavier.

The good news? The sloughing process can be beautifully mimicked with the right exfoliating products.

One of the best ingredients for speeding up exfoliation and protecting against further aging damage of free radicals is vitamin C. Not only does it provide almost instant brightening, but its ability to exfoliate lightens any dark spots. Our Vitamin C Ester Brightening Serum contains squalane for an extra boost of hydration, and is less irritating than many traditional vitamin Cs.

In addition to preventing free-radical damage from the UV rays unblocked by sunscreen, the antioxidant vitamin C has line-plumping effects that can give skin the appearance of being collagen-rich. Apply after cleansing and before moisturizing, morning and night.

When to beware of exfoliating ingredients? “If you’re using a daytime toner with alpha hydroxy acids or beta hydroxy acids, the exfoliating action will actually break up your makeup throughout the day,” explains Martone.

So save the heavy sloughing for nighttime. For products to absorb properly and to create a smoother surface for makeup application, add in a twice weekly deeper exfoliation like No:Rinse Exfoliating Peel.

Packed with hyaluronic acid, copper complex and L-Carnitine, it helps remove dead skin cells while rebalancing your skin’s moisture levels to plump the appearance of fine lines. Plus, it’s designed to shut itself “off” without needing to worry about when to rinse, or if it’s exfoliating too much. Simply apply under or instead of Vitamin C Ester Brightening Serum before going to bed twice a week.

But First, Skincare: How-To Make Aging Skin Look and Feel Its Best (Naturally) | Exfoliating Peel | Perricone MD

Mature makeup must-know:

To create a radiant glow that looks fresh and natural, mix a bit of No Makeup Blush with No Makeup Highlighter, and use your fingers to apply to apples of cheeks. Blend upward towards the top of the ears.

The blend of soft skin-flattering rose and light-reflecting pearls creates just the right amount of lightweight, sheer luster so your glow looks like it was created by candlelight (not painted on!). Just remember to blend, blend, blend so that skin looks lit from within.

But First, Skincare: How-To Make Aging Skin Look and Feel Its Best (Naturally) | No Makeup Blush Perricone MD

Rethink your eye game.

There’s a reason that wide-eyed is associated with youth and innocence: visually large, untouched eyelids are a sign of youth. That’s because one of the tell-tale signs of aging is laxity and crepiness in our eyelids. The heaviness and wrinkling can make our entire eye area appear smaller, or as if it’s falling in on itself.

Though much of the way your eye area ages is genetic, applying ingredients that help give the appearance of lifted, firmer skin will have a youthful effect. Patting on a copper tripeptide like that found in our Cold Plasma Plus+ Advanced Eye Cream, can make a big difference. The powerful, naturally occurring complex with three amino acids helps repair dry skin for a dramatically firmer, smoother, younger-looking complexion.

The extra shot of omega fatty acids from walnuts and flax seeds help visibly plump and increase radiance over time by strengthening the fragile skin’s moisture barrier and improving its ability to retain water.

But First, Skincare: How-To Make Aging Skin Look and Feel Its Best (Naturally) | Cold Plasma Plus+ Eye Perricone MD

Mature makeup must-know:

Applying the wrong makeup—or using the wrong application methods-- to this area of the face can be a deal breaker, as this is definitely an area where less is more.

Forego heavy or overly pearlized, shimmery--or heaven-forbid—glittery shadows and instead choose a natural tone that’s intended to smooth out skin tone and brighten the entire eye area.

Using a very light touch, apply No Makeup Eyeshadow from lashline to brow.  The satin finish glides on easily and immediately wakes up the eye area, without looking like you’re wearing makeup. Add a dot of No Makeup Highlight below and above the arch of the brow to give the illusion of lift.

Apply No Makeup Mascara to the lashes, focusing the majority of the application in the center of the eye to give the appearance of more lifted eyes. Voila—instantly wider, brighter, more youthful eyes (without looking too “made up”).

But First, Skincare: How-To Make Aging Skin Look and Feel Its Best (Naturally) | No Makeup Mascara Perricone MD

Don’t wash away your skin’s natural moisture.

Now is the time to ensure your cleanser doesn’t strip your skin of essential oils or disrupt its lipid barrier. The big test: If your skin feels tight after washing, your cleanser is harming your already depleted moisture levels.  Switch to a milky or cream-based wash instead, like Hypoallergenic Gentle Cleanser. The vitamin E ensures that your complexion’s natural oils aren’t stripped away, yet it’s incredibly effective at removing every last bit of makeup (which, by the way, must be removed