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5 Beauty & Wellness Hacks for When You’re Short on Time

If you’re like most of us, you either forgot about Daylight Savings Time yesterday or are still struggling to catch up on that lost hour, which means the odds are probably pretty good that time just isn’t in your favor this morning… Worry not, dear Perriconistas. We’ve pulled together a handful of time-saving beauty and wellness hacks for days just like these—when you’re short on time, but not on beauty needs. So without further ado, read on for five beauty and wellness hacks guaranteed to help get you out the door on time (okay, okay, let’s be realistic here—almost on time).

Beauty Hack #1: Supplement Smartly

Listen, just because you’re running a little late doesn’t mean your wellness should take a backseat. Simplify your morning routine with pre-packaged targeted nutritional supplements formulated to support and address your key health concerns. You can also create your own “pre-packaged” supplements by using a pillbox organizer to group together pills by day and time (e.g. morning and evening). Avoid the hassle of combing through multiple pill bottles with this simple time-saving trick, or opt for supplementing on the go with powder supplements such as Super Berry with Acai or Super Greens. Just open a packet, pour into a bottle of water and be on your way.

Beauty Hack #2: Skip the Blow Dry

While you may have enough time to fit in a quick shampoo even if you hit the snooze button a few too many times, chances are good that you’ll have to skip the blow dry (on the bright side, both your hair and your watch will thank you). Use a microfiber towel after showering to draw water out of your strands, and add a little extra body by twisting your hair into a loose bun. Leave it while you run through the rest of your morning routine, take it down right before you head out the door and, voila, say hello to natural-looking waves with practically zero effort. If you do have time to pull out the hairdryer, save it for the end—you’ll significantly cut down on the time needed to blow dry since your hair will likely be close to dry already. Of course, if you’re really running behind, skip the shower and reach for the dry shampoo (your secret's safe with us).

Beauty Hack #3: Have a (Skincare) Cocktail

No, no, we’re not talking about THAT kind of cocktail (sorry)—we’re talking about a cocktail of the skincare variety. When you’re running late, the key to getting out the door is to multitask, multitask, and then multitask some more. Look for products you can “cocktail” (or combine) for one quick and easy application that delivers multiple benefits at once. Some of our favorite combinations include:

Be mindful of which skincare products you choose to combine and remember that while some mix better than others, there are also some out there that don’t mix at all.

Beauty Hack #4: Limit Your Makeup to Just the Essentials

When the clock is ticking, we thank our lucky stars for today’s no makeup trend. Skip all the unnecessary extra steps and instead reach only for the essentials, such as a tinted moisturizer (pro tip: create your own by mixing a few drops of foundation with your favorite moisturizer), mascara, and blush. That’s it; three steps and you’re on your way. And for makeup that truly multitasks, try our No Makeup Collection for an easy no makeup look that also delivers benefits to your skin without any added steps or added time.

Beauty Hack #5: Go to Bed Like That…and Say “I Woke Up Like This”

Let’s face it, addressing the appearance of tired-looking skin calls for a little extra effort in the morning. That’s why committing to an evening skincare routine that gives an entirely new—and literal—meaning to the phrase “I woke up like this” can help cut back on the time needed to get out-the-door ready. Look for skincare products formulated to help brighten the appearance of skin for a more refreshed, radiant look (even when you’re lacking a few hours of shuteye). Our favorite is the H2 Elemental Energy, but there are plenty of options out there to suit your individual skin type and concerns. Oh, and don't forget about products that are specially designed to work their magic at night, such as Multi-Action Overnight Treatment. When time is short, every minute counts. Whether you’ve hit the snooze button too many times, missed the alarm altogether, or got sidetracked by something far more enticing than the idea of getting ready, these little tricks are sure to help save a few precious minutes to get you out the door faster. What time-saving tricks do you swear by?