The Inspiration Behind the Brand
Dr. Perricone Discusses

The Inspiration Behind the Brand

Celebrating 15 years at Perricone MD is a major milestone. On the one hand, it feels like only yesterday that I sat at my kitchen table designing the simple old-fashioned glass apothecary bottles and labels that would grace my new patented formulas. On the other, is the realization that this milestone marks a culmination of what is, in many ways, a journey that began in my childhood. I have always had a strong interest and love of science, from nutrition to chemistry, botany to biology and pathology to physics—all of which stood me in good stead when I chose medicine as a life path.

As a specialty, I was drawn to dermatology. Here, diseases manifest in a highly visible manner, often leading to both physical and emotional scarring. I was highly motivated to find new modalities to treat and hopefully cure many 'incurable,' conditions.

During medical school and my three-year residency in dermatology, I made important connections between inflammation and disease. To learn about hundreds of skin diseases we studied in books, we also needed to recognize them in clinical examination and under a microscope. In other words, first we looked at the disease in real life, and then examined the tissues under the microscope. This allowed us to understand on a microscopic level what was causing the clinical appearance visible to the naked eye.

When studying various forms of skin cancer under the microscope, I noticed that inflammation was present.

However, it wasn't just cancer and pre-cancer that showed inflammation under the microscope. When I looked at a biopsy of skin showing clinical signs of aging, inflammation was also present. Skin with no clinical signs of aging showed no inflammation.

This discovery intrigued me and I began to search for ways to put my theory to the test. After much study, I developed the Inflammation-Aging Theory, firmly believing that invisible, chronic, sub-clinical inflammation was responsible for many diseases, diseases also often associated with aging. I also concluded that this inflammation was responsible for many skin diseases, including acne (a systemic, inflammatory disease) as well as wrinkled, sagging skin.

Thus it was my initial quest to discover how to combat the inflammation I saw in my patients that led to the development of the three-tiered program: anti-inflammatory diet, anti-inflammatory nutritional supplements and anti-inflammatory topicals.

I dedicated the next two decades to studying what antioxidants (nature's natural anti-inflammatories) had the greatest powers when applied to skin. These studies resulted in dozens of US and international scientific patents for the treatment of skin and systemic disease, for reversing and preventing damage to skin caused by factors such as age, the sun, the environment, and hormonal changes. This became the foundation for Perricone MD, seven books and related public television specials.

To me, the outer packaging was as important as what was inside. I wanted to announce to the world that contained in these boxes and bottles is science and not marketing. And so an iconic brand was born, a brand now known for its hallmark authenticity.

I wanted to announce to the world that contained in these boxes and bottles is science and not marketing.

The success of the Perricone brand rests with its faithful, loyal patrons. Each day I appreciate your overwhelming support, which continually inspires me to search for new and even more efficacious formulas, as well as consistently working to improve existing ones. I greatly value your trust in these products, each of which is personally researched, formulated, and tested by me.

Thank you for your important and indispensible contribution in helping me to reach this 15th anniversary. It is my greatest hope to ensure that the next 15 years are as vital, rewarding and significant as these have been.

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