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Help correct and prevent fine lines and wrinkles with Dr. Perricone's three-tiered approach that includes eating an anti-inflammatory diet and taking targeted nutritional supplements and applying topical anti-aging skin care products found here.
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The following is a condensed collection of product reviews related to wrinkle treatments.

Concentrated Restorative Treatment
Pros:Soothes Skin, Moisturizes, Smells Great, Softens Skin, Non-Greasy, Lightweight

"I use this product at night. I noticed a great different in the texture and tone on my skin the next day. As far as I am concerned this does what it says."

"Best night treatment ever!" (referring to wrinkles).
Pros: Non-Greasy, Softens Skin, Lightweight
Best Uses: Uneven Skin Tone, Daily Use, Fine Lines/Wrinkles

"This night treatment really works. I wake up with a complete glow in the morning. Perricone MD products are truly amazing!"

"Love it!"
Pros: Smells Great, Non-Greasy, Moisturizes, Soothes Skin, Lightweight, Softens Skin
Best Uses:Uneven Skin Tone, Enlarged Pores, Redness/ Blotchiness, Fine Lines/Wrinkles
"I use this product four times a week. I use it in the p.m. and follow with Evening Facial Emollient and NP moisturizer. I always look forward to using it because my skin feels so soft and looks brighter and healthier in the a.m. This treatment is great and I love it!"
"Beautiful results brightened & hydrates!"
Pros: Facial in a jar, Lightweight, Moisturizes, Non-Greasy, Softens Skin, Soothes Skin
Best Uses: Daily Use, Fine Lines/Wrinkles, Redness/ Blotchiness, Sensitive Skin, Uneven Skin Tone / Wrinkle reduction or wrinkle elimination


"Wonderful results as a night tx...I don not apply on my chin as it can increase acne for me in this area..but with use every where else it is wonderful!"

"Power Product!!"
By Amanda the Skin Care Guru Verified Reviewer from Charlotte, NC on 2/26/2009 (Beauty Expert)
Pros:Lightweight, Non-Greasy, Soothes Skin, Smells Great, Softens Skin
Best Uses: Sensitive Skin, Redness/ Blotchiness, Daily Use, Enlarged Pores, Uneven Skin Tone, Fine Lines/Wrinkles
"Yes, I would recommend this to a friend"

Comments about Concentrated Restorative Treatment:"I am 32 years old and have used this product for the past 4 years in the evenings under my moisturizer. I notice immediate even-toned results and even better smooth, soft and younger looking skin in the morning. You only need a small amount so the jar lasts well past any less expensive brand. I will continue to use this as part of my Age Prevent regime. Well worth the money!!"


By KEG Verified Reviewer from US on 2/26/2009 (Beauty Conscious)
Pros: Softens Skin, Non-Greasy, Lightweight, Smells Great
Best Uses: Uneven Skin Tone, Redness/ Blotchiness, Sensitive Skin
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Comments about Concentrated Restorative Treatment: "I use this product every other night. I do place a moisturizer over it in the winter because I get dry. When I wake up in the morning, my skin is incredibly smooth. It doesn't irritate my skin at all, and I have very sensitive skin! Love this product!"

A Wrinkle in Time

Wrinkles, Wrinkles, everywhere!

Some skin types are more susceptible than others to wrinkles. Some of us get them under our eyes, beside our eyes (sometimes called "crow's feet"), or pretty much anywhere else on our faces. One fine morning, we look at our face in the mirror, and we see an older looking face. Wrinkles take time to develop, so they kind of creep up on you. In our busy lives, we often forget to take care of the little things, including the condition of our skin and the development of wrinkles. For me, I remember the day a few years ago when I happened to be wearing my reading glasses while I went to wash my teeth. I was so shocked to all these wrinkles that had developed over years, perhaps.

A blessing perhaps, to see the faces of everyone around as soft, smooth and wrinkle-free  - my eyesight was pretty blurred for things up close - an illusion that shattered once I put on my reading glasses. Virtually wrinkle-free, everyone looked years younger that they actually were. That's how I looked at the world. Perhaps there is a product opportunity for someone to sell glasses that makes everyone's skin look smooth! ;)

The tell-tale Photo - Wrinkles in Contrast

Instinctively, we love to take photos of ourselves right beside that new-born baby. A newborn's skin is so smooth, it makes our own wrinkles stand out. You can PhotoShop your wrinkles from each and every photo, but that doesn't help hide our wrinkles from every day life. There is of course a lot we can do. For one, using the right cream every night can bring the quickest, most effective results in wrinkle reduction. Yes, it is still a good idea to drink plenty of water every day, and avoid unnecessary exposure to the sun, but using the right wrinkle treatment can have a substantial and almost immediate effect in wrinkle reduction.

What causes Wrinkles?

As we age, our skin gradually loses its ability to retain moisture. As we imperceptibly gain and lose tiny amounts of fat over the decades of everyday living, our skin responds - if we apply no treatment - by "roughing up" the surface of our skin. In other words, it makes wrinkles out of the skin. There are also many other wrinkle accelerating factors, such as being exposed to the sun, dehydration, poor diet, pollutants and a host of other factors. You could eliminate or at least mitigate some factors by never getting out of bed in the morning, but most us us don't have that option. The question is what we can do to slow down or eliminate wrinkles pro-actively.

How do Wrinkle Treatments typically work?

First of all, most wrinkle treatments either don't work at all or are minimally effective. You need to use a cream or lotion that replaces the natural (but missing) elements in your skin that are needed for smooth skin. Many products on the market temporarily "puff up" the cells in your skin to give the appearance that the wrinkles are gone. Aside from the temporary nature of the results, many of these wrinkle treatments introduce toxins into your bloodstream! It is essential to use natural substances in your treatment of wrinkles. Let's talk a bit about how skin is a doorway to your bloodstream.

Skin - the Doorway to your Bloodstream

Many wrinkle treatments on the market today contain artificial chemicals whose existence can be measured in years, not even decades. People are treating their wrinkles with agents about which it is unknown whether or not they are carcinogenic. Neither is it determined whether they actually contribute to a wrinkle problem at a later date.

Have you ever seen what happens when a person who is allergic to peanut butter comes in contact with the substance? All it takes is for such a person to lightly touch peanut butter, perhaps smeared on a kitchen counter, to have a nasty reaction to it. If not taken care of quickly, a person can die from exposure to a substance they are allergic to.

Clearly, wrinkle/skin treatments are designed to enter into the skin. And when they do, they come in direct contact with the bloodstream. We often forget, in an attempt to treat our wrinkles and dry skin, that we are introducing foreign substances into our bloodstreams. It is vital to apply only the safest anti-wrinkle treatments, especially to the skin on our face. Not only is our facial skin barraged by a host of other nasty elements, it has some of the thinnest skin membranes of out entire body. Try for a moment to pinch (gently of course) the skin of your eyelid. See how thin the skin is? And it is so close to your eye, you have to believe, whatever you apply there will also come in contact with your eye. Don't you want to apply only the safest anti-wrinkle treatment to it?

Dr. Perricone has always believed that there is no such thing as a short term solution. Every product decision we make at PerriconeMD must satisfy the longest term requirements of our customers, and that includes keeping them free of cancer-causing agents. Natural ingredients cost more, sometimes a lot more, than off-the-shelf chemicals, but we have more than a quick product profit in mind. We have committed to our customers across a wide range of products and our business depends naturally on our reputation.

If you want to understand wrinkles, put a grape and a raisin side by side and take a good look. We know wrinkles are about the lack of moisture. As skin ages, it loses its ability to retain water. (It loses its ability to do lots of things). Water helps also with the elasticity of skin. So, the central most effective task of wrinkle reduction is to improve the skin's natural ability to retain moisture. So, the two sides to wrinkle reduction are (1) provide extra moisture and (2) enhance the skin's ability to retain it.

Why is it that, despite all the money celebrities have to spend, the skin below their "Adam's apple"  and above their collar bone, that small section of skin, gives away their age? Is it because it can't be improved or goes unnoticed? There are many reasons wrinkles seem to always develop here. (a) most people don't consider that piece of exposed skin as under threat. They might lather on sun-block to the face before they go out for a walk, but forget to protect that one area. (b) often, that area is actually covered while they are applying their cream or lotion, but becomes exposed later when they open their shirt, and so wrinkles develop faster in that area. (c) While driving a car, the sun will more often shine on exposed neck skin, while the higher up sections of skin are covered by the car's visor or roof. This by the way is why people in countries that drive on the right, tend to have more severe wrinkles on the left side of their face, and people who live in countries that drive on the left, tend to have more severe wrinkles on the right side of their face.

Exposure doesn't automatically mean Wrinkles

Still, just because your skin is exposed to the sun does not automatically mean you will get wrinkles. Simply applying the proper sunblock helps a lot. Never letting your skin ever get burned is another good way to limit wrinkles.

As a child in the sixties when I grew up, sun block was never applied to my skin; I got severely burned dozens of times. Today, I have visible signs of skin damage on my shoulders and oh, the wrinkles I've collected on my face! My crow's feet would startle even Alfred Hitchcock. The other problem I have is, my skin is a bit sensitive. I can't just apply any off-the-shelf wrinkle cream. Not only do they rarely work, but my skin reacts to them. Any kind of scented cream or treatment sets my skin off. So, I have to use natural and usually organic substances to manage my wrinkles.

Another aspect of wrinkle treatment is to stick with the program. A fancy jar of effective wrinkle reduction treatment will look nice on your bathroom counter, bot won't reduce your wrinkles as long as it stays in the bottle. My suggestion is to keep the stuff side-by-side with something else you use every day, like your toothpaste.

On the subject of toothpaste

As I've gotten older, it seems I hit the sack more tired every night. Washing my teeth is a chore as my eyelids are at half-mast. I've woken up with some toothpaste residue on the sides of my mouth. This dried out me skin more, and I see wrinkles devellop where I should not have any. So, after washing your teeth, make sure you clean away any toothpaste residue and apply your anti-wrinkle cream to the area around you mouth.

Stretch-marks / wrinkles

Have you ever noticed that cartoon artists who want to make a man or a woman look old in a cartoon, all they have to do is to add some wrinkles around their mouth? Wrinkles around the mouth are an almost universal way of making someone look old. That's why applying an anti-wrinkle treatment to the skin around the mouth, year after year, night after night, is a very effective way of keeping your entire face young looking for far longer than we deserve. To help you remember to apply the anti-wrinkle cream every night, keep it beside your toothpaste.

Long term treatment of wrinkles

Over the longer term, the safety of the contents of that bottle of anti-wrinkle cream or wrinkle-reduction lotion is critical. People are gravitating more and more towards products with natural ingredients, because we're learning -- sometimes the hard way -- that some products on the market are downright dangerous. If you were to use an anti-wrinkle treatment that contained, for example a carcinogen, night after night, surely, the risks would be proportionately higher. So, an effective wrinkle treatment regimen must be (1) natural and (2) applied daily and of course, must be effective.

Wrinkles even where the sun don't shine

Did you know that cloud cover in the Seattle area is the highest (in terms of how many days are could-covered) in the country? Hard to believe, then that the rate of skin cancer in Seattle is among the highest in the country. That's because Seattleites rarely wear sunblock or wrinkle prevention creams or lotions. They (I should say "we", because I live here) think, heck, no sunshine, it's safe to go out. With my skin, I can get quite a rosy complexion -- bordering on sunburn -- in just thirty minutes outdoors, even under cloud cover. I can tell, too, that I pick up some new wrinkles every time I don't apply

What kinds of treatments are available for Facial Wrinkles

The gradual development of facial wrinkles, whether fine surface lines or deeper creases and folds, is a common sign of accumulated skin damage over a lifetime and inevitable aging. Premature aging and wrinkling of the skin can be accelerated by too much exposure to the sun and general weather comditions, overactive facial expression muscles, the frequent use of tobacco products, excessive consumption of caffeinated coffee, poor nutrition, or skin disorders inhertied or otherwise.

Wrinkles begin as fine, almost imperciptible surface wrinkles that over time become deeper creases, deepening facial expression due to repeated skin folding (just like folding a piece of paper over and over), and deep folds which develop with one's maturity are obvious changes which may combine to portray a less desirable appearance. Persistent facial lines and wrinkles, especially those that suggest negative emotional  or "that angry look", may mistakenly portray to others, negative emotionss, despite the person's own positive internal state of mind and emotion.

Regardless of the cause of all these new wrinkles, safe and successful treatments for reduction or elimination of these problems are now possible with the right anit-wrinkle creams/lotions.
The tempatation is to run to a surgeon and try surgery in an attempt to treat your wrinkles, perhaps because surgery promises to remove the wrinkles quickly. Injecting or implanting substances which either temporarily weaken the muscles or act as skin volume fillers also help to soften or eliminate the appearance of wrinkles and produce a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance. With the right cream or lotion, however, there is no need to even break the skin surface with either a sryinge of any surgical knife. Wrinkles can be dealt with by using a natural, organic lotion. With a little patience, you can get the same result.

For me, my problem was, I'd keep forgetting to apply the cream nightly to my skin to reduce my wrinkles, but once I got into the habit, the effects were incredible.
In hindsight, I think I would have liked to just apply the cream to the left side of my face, and leave the wrinkles on the right as they were. Then, after a month, the one before/after image of my facial wrinkles would be indisputable proof. Anyone out there interested in trying the experiment?

Natural anti-wrinkle ingredients are essential

The key is, if you ask me, to use natural or organic ingredients. That way, you can apply the anti-wrinkle solution over and over every night, without "cured of what we suffered from and suffering from the cure" as Lee Marvin put it in the song "Gold Fever" (Paint Your Wagon).

My skin is very sensitive to anything perfumed. It might be because it is dry skin, and the chemicals rush into the microscopic cracks of the wrinkles to get absorbed with the wrinkle lotion itself, but whatever the cause, I have to be careful what I apply to my skin. I remember one hallowe'en, I painted my face with so-called non-toxic face pain, and I showered immediately wash it all off even before it dried. Well, my skin reacted to it and for several days, I looked like I was sunburned. In fact, every time my skin reacts to something like that, my wrinkles seem to worsen slightly. The fact that my skin is so dry to begin with seems to contribute to my whole wrinkle problem. Anyway, the point I am making is that for many of us, a very benign, natural skin product is essential, or we will be in trouble in the long term. Using the PerriconeMD anti wrinkle products were for me the easiest on my skin. I could apply it night after night, and it actually had a 'cooling' effect.

Surgical treatments for facial wrinkles usually require an office visit to the doctor or surgeon. I have to believe, if you find a wrinkle solution in a bottle, it's definitely the best way to go. At the very least, try the easy wrinkle solutions first.

We have a lot of wrinkles in our family. Both of my parents have pretty significant wrinkles. Mind you, they came from a generation that didn't care so much about wrinkles. (They were constantly worrying about where the next meal would come from). Strange as this might sound, Seattle is a bit too dry for me. (I grew up in Ireland where it rains real rain, not like the dry rain we get here in Seattle).

Understanding Types Of Treatments For Facial Wrinkles

Prominent forehead creases, brow furrows or eye lines (crow's feet) produced by specific facial expression muscles repeatedly creasing the skin may be effectively treated by reducing the function of specific facial muscles. A better way to go, the way I see it, is to "teach" your skin to become more flexible again. So instead of a frown evolving into a wrinkle, the wrinkle goes away moments after the frown stops.

Want to see how flexibility works? Take two large deciduous leaves from the same tree. Rub one of them with a modest amount of PerriconeMD facial cream, and just let the other leaf dry out. Return in about two days and fold up each leaf individually. You'll see that the dry leaf cracks  -- in the form of, yes, wrinkles, and fails to return to its original shape. The one with the facial cream returns to its original shape. Hard to argue with that.

Which Wrinkle Treatment to choose

A lot depends on your skin type, but I have to believe, I have one of the most challenging skin types of anyone I know, so if I can cure my wrinkles, it's gotta work for just about anyone.

So let's try an experiment. To reduce your wrinkles, can you do these three things for a week? (1) Apply one of these PerriconeMD lotions every night maybe a half hour before you go to bed (to give your skin a bit of time to absorb the wrinkle lotion and not mess up your pillow), (2) drink 12 oz of water before you go to bed and (3) cut back on the caffeine. Well, if you only do number 1 above, that'll make a big difference, but it would also help to give your skin a little more water to take advantage of the PerricondMD anti-wrinkle treatment.

Basically, once all these revitalizing ingredients have been feeding your skin for days, it's in a great position to absorb and manage its own hydration and "wrinkle control". Your skin has, perhaps for years, been like someone lost and thirsty in the desert.

What To Look forward to after each Wrinkle Treatment

One of the most costly parts of any wrinkle treatment is, if surgery or doctor visit is involved, the price of a simple doctor's visit, not to mention any surgery to actually reduce the wrinkles themselves. So, removing the Wrinkle Doctor visit is a saving right there. Also, I'm a bit nervous about breaking skin, because bad and all as my wrinkles are, a surgery scar would be a whole new problem I'd prefer not to have.

An immediate good feeling you get after applying a wrinkle cream, gel of lotion is that it simply feels good.
Let me take you through my from-scratch (as it were) experience with a combination of three Dr. Perricone products:

Eye Lift, Face Lift and Skin and Total Body Dietary Supplement

My Personal Wrinkle Cure

I have typical Irish skin; fair, prone to freckles and wrinkles, low sun tolerance and prone to dryness. If I just ignore my skin and my wrinkles for a week, then apply a lotion of any kind, I can usually feel a vague stinging as the lotion seeps in between the wrinkles. I just turned 49, and have always had semi sensitive skin. My family, especially the previous generation, all had a tendency to develop wrinkles, and that's in Ireland where the sun rarely shines. On the west coast of the United States where I live, I have to be extra careful.

As I mentioned earlier, when I was young, I got sunburned dozens of times and I can see the damage to my skin today.

I've also read that, aside from wrinkles, dehydrated skin and/or is more prone to melanoma. Not sure about that, but in any case, I'm looking for the optimal wrinkle-free skin I can find.

Day 1: Wrinkles 100%

My three Perricone products arrived. I started right on it. I took the dietary supplements with my lunch, and then applied the Eye Lift to my eye lids and right below my eyes, in other words, exactly where my wrinkles are the most severe.

Side note: my friend asked me to PhotoShop an image she had of herself for Facebook. She is 41 years of age and looks about that age. All I did to her photo was to zoom into and smooth out her wrinkles. It took about 10 years off her appearance. She looked about 32 in the new photo. It was amazing to me just how big a difference the removal of wrinkles can make to how young or old a person looks. I suppose wrinkles are just one of Nature's ways of matching people up of similar ages!

Anyway, I also applied the Face Lift cream to the wrinkles other than around my eyes, and pretty much everywhere else on my face. I did feel my face sort of "cooling down" a bit as the skin seemed to absorb the cream and begin its work on my wrinkles. I noticed from a holiday photo that I had wrinkles, or kind of stretch marks, under my ears. It was like as if my ear had been pulled forward a bit and the skin tried to accommodate but instead resulted in these stretch wrinkles. Of course, the wrinkles are probably 100% natural and normal, but who doesn't want to look ten years younger if they can!

As I'm sitting here typing this, the Face Lift cream I put on my face to reduce wrinkles has been soaking in for about two hours. As I feel my face, it definitely feels smoother. It's kind of silky. I'll give it a few more days before I start to look at how my wrinkles are doing, which to me is my real objective.

Another side note: for the past five years I've been doing a little amateur boxing. Nothing too serious, mind you, but my face does take a bit of a beating now and then. When you get punched in the face, even with heavily padded gloves like we use, the glove often "grips" the skin on your face. Bruises are rare enough, but a reddening of the skin is common. I have to believe that the stress accelerates the skin aging and wrinkle process. For sure, I have two redish marks on one side of my face that I think I picked up during a workout in the ring and I'm sure the same stress has contributed to my wrinkles, especially around my temples which have received a number of mild glancing blows over hte past few years.

Still, I'm very interested in seeing how the combination of the three Perricone products helps reduce my wrinkles. This is the Ultimate Wrinkle Challenge. We'll see how Dr. Perricone's products square up!

Day 2: Wrinkles 100%, skin a bit smoother

Last night I applied the two anti-wrinkle products just before I went to bed. When I woke up this morning, I didn't notice any big change, but around lunchtime, when I was washing my hands in the bathroom, at a time I certainly was not thinking about my wrinkles, I happened to notice that the skin on my face did look a little softer or something, perhaps a bit younger. Not sure exactly. It did get my attention, though, and i then looked to see if my wrnkle problem had improved any. No noticeable change there yet. Mind you, this only Day 2. I was pretty pleased, though that the wrinkles on my forehead and on my temples just might be showing the first signs of reduction! Not bad for only Day 2 of my own personal Wrinkle Cure!

I've also noticed that my facial skin does feel a little softer to the touch. I'm pretty excited, though. If this stuff can have an effect on my skin after just two days, I wonder what a month of dedication to the 3 combined anti-wrinkle products will have on my wrinkles. We'll see soon enough. I've also been taking the supplements every day too. I try to take them when I'm having dinner. It seems the best way to swallow them, and it's easier on my stomach if they'r elal wrapped up in food when being digested.

The other thing worth noting is that last night I had two glasses of wine with dinner. That usually dries out my skin overnight, so I've been really giving this stuff an uphill battle. Even if I have a single glass of wine in the evening, it seems to at least temporarily increase or deepen my wrinkles when I look at the wrinkles around my eyes in the morning. I'm determined to see if this antiwrinkle regimen works for me without changing anything else in my life. If I were to suddenly start drinking lots of water every day, then I'd never be sure if the wrinkles went away mostly because of that or the Perricone creams. I'll wait a few weeks while I'm following this. Once I KNOW the regimen is working well, I might add a lot of drinking water to my diet every day. Let's see how it goes. More tomorrow.

Day 3: Wrinkles 100%, skin smoother again

I did notice a little "cooling" of my facial skin this morning. This might be because of my skin rehydrating. When my skin dries out, it tends to go a little red. I've often found that I'd get a bit of wind burn even after 20 minutes in a stiff breeze. All it really was, was my skin getting dehydrated. The first couple of days I put on the anti-wrinkle lotions on my face, there was a slight "stinging". Nothing painful mind you, just a little reminder that the minute wrinkles and dry skin were letting a rush of nutrients and mositure in to cause the stinging. Last night, however, there was no stinging, and today my face feel a "cooler". I'm thinking that is is probably because the hydration effects of the Perricon anti-wrinkle cream/lotion is actually working. I definitely look a little paler - or less red-faced than I did a few days ago. A nice little side-effect to wrinkle management. Ha! The theory of wrinkle management being really moisture management might actually be correct! The other thing I'd point out is that all of the skin I applied both anti-wrinkle creams to feels, to the touch, cooler also. I'm wondering, does hydrated skin manage temperature better, or do fewer wrinkles mean less stress on the skin, and consequently, keep it from over heating. Perhaps this is what is called "inflammation". Not sure though. I've been hearing a lot recently about "imflammation management" throughout the body. Are wrinkles caused by such inflammation? Are both the wrinkles and the inflammation caused by dehydration? It'd be interesting to know. Perhaps this anti-wrinkle project of mine will teach me all of that.

Day 4: Wrinkles 99%, skin losing some redness

I mentioned to my daughter that I was now doing this anti-wrinkle program using three PerriconeMD wrinkle treatment products. I asked her did she notice any reduction in the wrinkles on my face. (Remember, I'm talking about a 16 year-old girl with perfect skin here). She said she did not notice any specific wrinkle reduction, but did say that my skin wasn't as red as it was. Well, whoop-de-doo. I must be on the right track.

My skin continues to feel less dry to the touch. That's for sure.

Another thing I noticed is that both anti-wrinkle lotions are virtually scent-free. I've noticed over the years that the stronger the scent from anything I apply to my skin or wrinkles, the more likely it is to irritate my skin. I do have sensitive skin, so that is a good sign. Does that mean these wrinkle treatments are "hypo-allergenic"?

I've been applying the wrinkly treatments in the evening, before I go to bed. This morning, however, I decided to try just a little of the eye-wrinkle product under my eyes. that's the real target. If I can just reduce the wrinkles there, I think I will look a whole lot younger. I noticed that the skin was still wrinkled of course, but it has lost a good deal of its dryness. I've noticed just how thin the skin is at this spot. I suppose that's one reason why it is so vulnerable to becoming wrinkled.

Day 5: Wrinkles 99%, improved smoothness

A long time ago, someone warned me not to get too many close up photos of myself beside my your children. When you take one of those photos where your 6 month-old baby's face is right beside yours, your own aging skin and wrinkles stand out more than usual. Today, though, as far as the photo is concerned, we cal always photoshop the wrinkles right off your face, but you can't do that with real life.

I'm definitely noticing that my skin feels more comfortable or something. I only see a marginal improvement in wrinkles, but I'm only on Day 5. Both of the PerriconeMD anti-wrinkle lotion containers still look full, I've used so little so far. It'll be interesting to see how my wrinkles look after a month or so. I'd guess that there will be a substantial difference. In the meantime, I'll just keep applying these two anti-wrinkle treatments.

One last note for today. I noticed just an hour ago, as I washed my hands in the bathroom, the skin on my forehead looks less wrinkled than it did recently. I might be that some of the blemishes, or "sun spots" or whaever they call them are beginning to recede. That would be a nice side-effect, because my skin looks every day of my 49 years. Great when I see my wrinkles smooth out, but a huge bonus would be if my skin loses these red/brown imperfections. We'll see...

Day 6: Wrinkles 90%!

Last night I was at a dinner party with friends. One friend, a lady of 50 who has known me for maybe 15 years, looked at me a little puzzled. She said "you look ver well tonight, Liam. I can't work it out. Have you been on vacation or something? I told her about the PerriconeMD wrinkle treatment program I've been on and she said that the skin on my forhead looks younger or something. I did notice that too, myself, this morning. But now, I've passed a bit of a threshold on my Personal Wrinkle Program. Someone else noticed!

The amazing thing is, I've only been on this program for 6 days. The bottles still look full, I've used so little so far. I just wonder what my (hopefully wrinkle-free) skin will look like when I've been on wrinkle treatment for 60 days!

Day 7: Wrinkles 90%. Sun spots fading

By now, I've tried the wrinkle treatment at different times of the day. It seems like the easiest time to apply it is perhaps 30 minutes before going to bed. The 30 minutes gives my eyelids (in particular) time to absorb the lotion before I lie down. Otherwise I would lose some of it soaking into the pillow. I haveto believe also, that when my eyelids are closed, the effect of the moisturization on them is better because they are not in a "wrinkled" state like they are when my eyes are open.

I've always been very skeptical about any kind of wrinkle treatments. My sister told me years ago "I've tried everything to reduce my wrinkles. Nothing worked. I give up". So I assumed I'd have little or no joy with this set of wrinkle lotions. I have to tell you, I am IMPRESSED. Only a week into this and my supposedly impossible wrinkles are showing real signs of reduction. I I were to guess, it seems to tackle the fine wrinkles first. The big test will be the crow's feet on my temples and the wicked wrinkled areas right under my eyes. Lastly, the "old man" bagging of skin right above my eyes will be the next test. If this PerriconeMD anti-wrinkle program can deal with those, it'll be quite the comeback from the abuse that my facial skin has taken over the decades.

Another contributing factor to wrinkles is caffeine, I have heard. If you drink a triple-shot latte every day, you can get quite the set of facial wrinkles, as well as a "grayness" to your skin. A few years ago, I moved from coffee to tea, but still, I drink a lot of tea and the caffeine adds up over time.

Day 8: Wrinkles 90%. Skin continues to improve

I made the mistake of putting on the anti-wrinkle face cream and falling asleep on the couch while my face was resting on the arm. I woke up an hour later and the pattern on the cloth-upholstered couch was visible on the left side of my face. It did look a bit funny, and thankfully, the pattern receded completely after about 30 minutes.

I've noticed thast you don't actually need tp use so much of the anit-wrinkle cream. My eyelids and right under my eyes seem to respond better to just a dab of the lotion, rather than caking it on which I did for the first few days. Also, the few mornings I put it on, applying just a smidgeon of the anti-wrinkle eye cream meant the excess didn't automatically run right into my eyes.

I was giving another talk in at an event and again, photos were taken of the speakers. I did notice again that my age spots (or sun spots? I'm not sure anymore what they are called) have receded further. I

I'm thinking, I wonder if they are simply dry spots on my skin, or something else. I am thinking more and more that "skin moisture management" seems to be the chief action of the PerriconeMD anti wrinkle cream. I wonder... If that is true, then, "retraining" my skin to hold on to its moisture better will make all the difference.

Day 9: Wrinkles 90%; Skin no change

I skipped applying the anti-wrinkle lotions last night. I missed the nice silky skin feeling the next day, but at least, I kept all the improvements I've made so far, as far as I can determine. Interestingly, when I'm shaving, I notice that my skin has gotten a lot more supple. Before I started this program, I had to pile on the shave cream in an attempt to soften up my skin a lot before the blade would glide over it. Now, I hardly have to add any at all. That tells me that my wrinkles are no longer "catching" the blade. Interesting.

Day 10: Wrinkles 85%; Skin smoother indeed

I wonder if shaving is a contributor to wrinkles and aging skin. I ask this because, the dryer my skin got, the more shaving cream I would use to mositen it up. Unfortunately, though shaving cream must actually remove a lot of the oils in ones skin, right? And as it gets dryer, the more shavign cream I had to add. So I get into a vicious cycle of progressively drying out my skin. Apply the anit-wrinkle creams every night all but eliminated the need to use any shaving cream at all. Tomorrow I will try shaving without any shaving cream. By the way, I shave while showering, so my face will be at least wet.

the one thing to remember when you go on an anti-wrinkle program, you'll see them everywhere. I think I can tell a person's age (or at least, a man's age) by looking at the wrinkles right under his eyes. The depth and extend of wrinkles right there seem to be a strong indicator of age, although that's assuming a person doesn't use any wrinkle treatment. Still, for my own wrinkles, I am trying to beat back time. Will report back again tomorrow.

Day 11: Wrinkles 85%; Skin improving generally

I've been working long hours these days, so my big wrinkle cure project is fighting an uphill battle, you could say. Normally, a few late nights is all it takes for me to get a bit of a haggard look. I think it's probably because of, yes again, my skin didn't have a chance to recover by sleeping off the stress. Despite that, this anti-wrinkle treatment is working.

I suppose I shold have taken some photos of my face to get a before/after wrinkle treatment image, but I never quite know from those photos how they were taken. Lighting alone can make all the difference. What would be an interesting project, however, would be to apply the anit-wrinkle creams/lotions to just HALF of your face. (The same half of course). That way, you'd get a better-than-a-before-after image, you'd get a this-is-what-you-would-have-looked-like image, which would REALLY show you how effective the wrinkle treatment was. Anyway, I will try that next time. For now, I am happy with the progress. I'd have been happy with just a little improvement, but with scarcely 10% of the products used, I am IMPRESSED with the reduction in my wrinkles already. Any day now, I will start drinking water. I suspect I spend practically all day at some level of dehydration. Can't be helping my wrinkles of general skin condition. More on that later...

Day 12: Wrinkles 80%, plus more comments about younger skin w/ fewer wrinkles on forehead

I wasn;t thinking of this anti-wrinkle project of mine at the time, but my reflection in a mirror in my hallway got my attention last night. From a fee feet away, I noticed that my under-eye wrinkles -- the most daunting challenge of this project -- has seemingly improved significantly. So I approached the mirror for a closer look. Yes, I could still see the wrinkles up close -- very clearly in fact -- but they didn't seem to be as deep as they were a few days ago. I could be mistaken, because sometimes you can talk yourself into something. Anyway, it is a hopeful sign. Also, a woman in the office commented on my diminishing wrinkle condition. She looked at me in a puzzled fashion and said "you look more relaxed or something. Are your frowning less?". I do believe now I have reduced my wrinkles, especially those ever-present forehead wrinkles that are associated with being old. Heck, this stuff is beginning to work.

Day 13: Wrinkles 75%, more confidence

For men, it seems baldness, weight and wrinkles are the big indicators of age. If you're bald, then you'd better be slim, or of you have some extra lbs, you'd better have an incredible mane of hair. The think about wrinkles, though, I believe it makes us look like we "have fewer resources" to cope with life or something. The wrinkles send subliminal messages that we're not so good at coping with life or something. Does that make sense? In any case, I'm feeling more inclined now to lose a few lbs to match my newly youthful facial skin.

By today, I can see that my crow's feet -- that is, the wrinkles on your temples that point to your eyes -- have DEFINTELY receded. Still a ways to go, but this is a big improvement. Funny thing is, a couple of years ago, my wife bought this little tub of anti-wrinkle cream for me and suggested I use it around my eyes. I did use it a few times, and didn't notice any improvement in wrinkle reduction, but mostly, I was surprised to learn that I even had wrinkles that needed attention. You see, I never looked in the mirror with my glasses on, so all I saw -- without knowing it -- was a bit of a blur. I recemmend you try looking in the mirror with your reading glasses on if you have any. Unfortunately, though, if you wear your reading glasses when you are out on a hot date, you will also see your date's wrinkles in perfect clarity. More tomorrow...

Some thoughts on wrinkles and wrinkle treatment

What have I learned about wrinkles on this personal project?

It seems like the way this PerriconeMD anti-wrinkle treatment works is it gets the skin to "take care of itself". I'm no doctor, but if I may venture to say, my skin seems to have its own way of keeping the skin moisturized, and the best wrinkle treatments just enhace the skin's ability to do the work itself. I've used other stuff in the past, and it just "fills the skin with oil" but the effects are short lived. The reason I think the PerriconeMD anti-wrinkle lotions work by "teaching the skin to do the work itself" is because I took a break from applying either cream for a few days to see if it just went right back to where it was. Well, it stayed perfectly smooth for these few days, with no noticeable deterioration or relapse towards my old, wrinkled skin. If that's the case, perhaps the biggest advantage of the PerriconeMD is that it re-educates your skin, rather than suppressing its wrinkles until the day you stop the treatment.

This is quite encouraging, actually, because I know, sooner or later, I'll just flop into bed and stop applying the anti-wrinkle creams, especially if I feel my skin has made a major come back. So to those of you who will stop the anti-wrinkle treatment once you've done the whole course, you may get a long payback from it nonetheless.

Another reason I believe my skin has "re-learned" how to retain moisture is, I think I spend most of the day dehydrated. I never drink water, except for when I am working out. Usually, if I drink a lot of coffee one day, my skin will look more wrinkled the next. Did you ever notice that? But even with my late nights, my caffeine intake and general dehydration, this PerriconeMd stuff seems to be working very well. Like I said earlier, the fact that I can almost dispense with using any shaving cream, my skin is so soft, it really pays to take steps to reduce your wrinkles.

Day 14 and Day 15: as a test, didn't use anti-wrinkle creams

Day 16 - back on the wrinkle treatment. Felt great, soothing, cooling

I applied both anti-wrinkle creams again last night. It was a nice feeling. This morning, it's a bit better again. The anti-wrinkle face cream has about 85% left, and the eyelid wrinkle cream has about the same it seems. So, we're looking good. No pun intended.

Day 17: Wrinkles continue to recede, I think. Skin is smoother

I'm definitely seeing the benefits of this project. My skin is smoother and smoother as it progresses. I've still got noticeable wrinkles inder my eyes, but they have without a doubt improved over the past several weeks. I'm still living a fairly dehydrated life. A few folks have told me I look different. They haven't mentioned that my face "looks less wrinkled" but a few of them said I looked more relaxed and/or rested than before. I'm thinking that the frown lines and related wrinkles across my forehead have made the biggest improvement. Not bad! I'm very happy with that.

I'm happy with the way this anti-wrinkle treatment is working. Instead of simply tightening up my skin, it is mositurizing it. I think that means that the wrinkles take more time to go away, but I have to believe it's a more natural and long lasting way to truly eliminate wrinkles.

Another thing I've noticed is, if you apply the wrinkle creams a half hour or so before you go to bed, you give them a chance to soak in to your skin before you might have your face up against a pillow. Even though both anti-wrinkle treatments are almost completely odorless, it's probably better for your pillow not to soak up any of it. Also, it's meant for your skin and wrinkles, right, so giving it a chance to soak in to your skin first is probably better. You will get more of the value out of it.

While I'm on the subject, yes, both anti-wrinkle treatments are odorless. Well, almost odorless. That's always a good sign for me. most skin creams or such treatments I have used over the years set my skin on fire, but these two PerriconeMD anti-wrinkle treatments continue to have a cooling effect. I understand that, if there is an allergic issue, it will eventually catch up with me, so it's good to see that my skin continues to agree with these two wrinkle treatments. I also continue to take the PerriconeMD set of pills. I know one of them is fish oil, and that has always agreed with me. There's a lot of stuff in all the others, but together, it's all helping. It's hard to know which is having the most effect, but it seems like all of them together are really doing a number of my wrinkles. The real test will be in a few months if my mother sees a change. You know how mothers are. They will notice even the tiniest change in their child.

Day 18: making progress on wrinkle reduction, despite not following the program 100%. Ha!

I took a look at the description and recommendations again today regarding following Dr. Perricone's skin/wrinkle reduction techniques, and noticed that he recommends changes to diet also. If anything, my diet has deteriorated recently. I'm extremely busy at work -- with all the expected increase in wrinkles from the added stress, you'd think -- but just the face wrinkle treatment and the eye/wrinkle cream (and the supplements on most days) are having a great effect. I suppose, especially with men on the anti-wrinkle program, once they make some progress they drift off and stop applying the lotions, or they get bored/distracted and simply forget to do it every day. Because I'm writing the Wrinkle Reduction Project story, I've been much more diligent, and continuing no matter what. I just wonder, if I applied all of the recommendations, I'd probably have made even more progress on my wrinkle reduction efforts. In fact, quite the contrary. My diet has deteriorated, and I've been partying more than usual, eating late at night, and so on. These usually result in my increasing my wrinkle count, but no, I look like I've been having my beauty sleep. So if you REALLY want results fast, I have to imagine that if you followed all the recommendations to the letter, you'd shave years off your age appearance. Not to forget, too, that well-moisturised (less wrinkled) skin is less likely to develop cancer. Not sure about that - I'm not a doctor - but I think I read that somewhere. In any case, propery body hydration has a lot of benefits -- if you don't mind visiting the bathroom more often -- not just in terms of looking younger.

Another thing I noticed. You know when you rub your face, for example, when you are tired, you might rub around your eyes? Well, my finger doesn't "grab" the skin anymore. It slides over it more easily. It feels a whole lot less dry, without being oily. That's gotta be a good thing. It's not just about the wrinkles. It just feels more comfortable.

Day 19. Wrinkles continue to recede. Probably at 50% on facial skin

I put on some sunscreen this morning. Usually, it would sting a bit. No stinging today. I have to believe that these anti-wrinkle lotions are really keeping my skin moist. The sunscreen isn't soaking into dry micro wrinkles / cracks in the skin. Pretty interesting. It has to be better for you when you don't let your skin get so dry. Wrinkles continue to abate. Still, I can see color imperfections in my skin, but I have to say, that soo has improved I think. It will be interesting if I pick up a bit of color from teh sun this next few weeks, will my wrinkles come back or will the anti-wrinkle regimen I am on keep my skin well defended. Let's see...