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The Science of Cold Plasma
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The Science of Cold Plasma

A highly advanced collection powered by Dr. Perricone’s patented Cold Plasma technology that addresses the 10 most visible signs of aging on the face and neck.
Cold Plasma 0.5oz - Helps correct the ten most visible signs of aging: wrinkles, enlarged pores, dryness, redness, discoloration, uneven skin tone, impurities, loss of firmness, loss of smoothness, and loss of radiance.

Blue Plasma 1oz - A cutting edge liquid treatment works with Bio-specific Peeling to attack only dead skin cells, Micro-extraction to lift surface debris, unclogging and purifying the skin of build-up and finally Hydro-fusion to rebalance skin's hydration with enriched water.

Cold Plasma Sub-D 1oz - A proven, effective, neck rejuvenation treatment formulated to provide a visibly firmer appearance to the chin, jawline and neck areas.

Cold Plasma Eye .25oz - Addresses the six most visible signs of aging along the contours of the eyes: fine lines, puffiness, dark circles, dryness, discoloration and dullness.

The Science of Cold Plasma
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Price: $98.00