Private Reserve Serum
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Private Reserve Serum

A limited edition serum with the highest concentration of restorative ingredients and a proprietary blend of Neuropeptide
2 x .5 fl oz bottles / 2 x 15 mL
Private Reserve Serum is Dr. Perricone’s most powerful anti-aging treatment. Only produced in small batches due to the exclusivity of the ingredients. Dr. Perricone has married the power of his breakthrough Cold Plasma delivery system with not just one, but five of his intelligent, patented, proprietary, gold-standard neuropeptides that he personally selected. Four out of the five of these neuropeptides are not found in any of Dr. Perricone's other treatment products. The result is an unprecedented formulation that delivers unrivaled transformation to the skin in the improvement of texture, firmness, smoothness, lines, and wrinkles.


After 30 days of use:
- 95% of participants reported a slight to very noticeable improvement in skin texture, smoothness, and radiance, and reported that their skin appeared healthier and more energized,
- 88% of participants reported a slight to very noticeable improvement in the look of lines, wrinkles, and skin firmness and the youthful look of their skin.
- 79% reported a slight to extremely noticeable change in that their skin tone appeared more even.
- 81% of participants somewhat to strongly agreed that just a few drops truly transformed their skin, that their skin has never looked better, and that it boosted the anti-aging effect of their usual skin care regimen. 

Private Reserve Serum