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No Sun Tanner
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No Sun Tanner

A multi-tasking, anti-aging body tanner that imparts a healthy looking glow and natural tan. With pro-Vitamin D, DMAE and Tocotreinols.
4 fl oz / 118 mL
No Sun Tanner is a multi-tasking face and body self-tanner that nourishes the skin with pro-Vitamin D while promoting a gorgeous, natural looking tan.  Unlike traditional self-tanners it does not streak, smell, leave the skin dry or impart an unnatural color.  Results are truly dramatic with a tan that customizes to your skin tone within 3 to 7 days.  Best of all, it also acts as a treatment and hydrator delivering essential moisture and firming benefits to the skin.  Plus, pro-vitamin D delivers all the benefits of the sun without the harmful effects.


- Promotes an even, healthy and long-lasting tan.
- Boosts the skin's natural tanning ability.
- Firms, tightens and tones skin.
- Will not leave your skin feeling tacky or sticky.
- Does not streak, smell or leave the skin dry.


After 2 weeks of use:
- 100% said it did not make their skin tacky or sticky.
- 95% said it did not stain their clothes.
- 90% said it did not leave an unpleasant odor or stain their hands.
- 85% felt their tan appeared even.
- 82% felt their tan looked natural and did not appear orange.
- 72% said this product is perfect for maintaining a healthy looking tan year round.
- 70% said their skin looked naturally sun-kissed and had a healthy glow.

No Sun Tanner