Dr. Perricone Discusses

Boosting Glutathione Levels

To stay Forever Young (or at least look and feel that way)

Perricone readers know that I have devoted many years of study into the causes of aging and aging skin. Every day a new story comes out that affirms what I have long taught—inflammation is the final common pathway in accelerated aging and disease.

And this is why I am such a champion of the tripeptide known as glutathione. This molecule is made up of three amino acids. Simply put, amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and we know that protein is critical to cellular repair.

But what makes glutathione so unbelievably important in keeping us young?

It is because glutathione is the most abundant and important antioxidant protective system in our cells. It is our greatest cellular defense against inflammation-generating free radicals and oxidative stress. Whenever a cell is under severe oxidative stress, it is glutathione that comes to the rescue.

For many years, and much trial and error, I strived to create a topical that would incorporate glutathione. One that would be able to deliver really effective levels to the skin. This is because glutathione protects against the enzyme proteins that inhibit collagen-digesting enzymes, the cause of damaged, aged skin.

But until I made a major breakthrough, there had been no way that such a large molecule could be delivered to the skin. A derivative of glutathione, known as S-acyl-glutathione, is a recently synthesized molecule that is proving to be extremely protective on a cellular level.

By attaching fatty acids to the glutathione molecule, the glutathione is now able to be easily transported into the cell and subsequently into the mitochondria. It neutralizes free radicals such as reactive oxygen species (ROS). The acyl derivatives of glutathione also provide protection to the cell plasma membrane, the outer fatty portion of the cell.

Studies show that it is extremely protective to fibroblasts cells. Fibroblasts are responsible for producing collagen and elastin in our skin. Protecting these important parts of the cell can lead to a more youthful looking and healthier skin.

Topical acyl-glutathione is an excellent strategy for preventing deep wrinkles and sagging skin, the result of glycated proteins in the skin's collagen.

S-acyl-glutathione generates many benefits that enable us to visibly experience significant cellular repair in the underlying matrix, restoring skin to a new suppleness, firmness, radiance and smoothness.

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