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Rewriting Your 'Facebook' Page

When I lecture, I often ask people the following question:

What does a person on the Perricone Three Day Nutritional Face Lift, a child, and someone in love all have in common?

The answer is that they all have that special glow that comes from the regulation of neuropeptides.

But what exactly are peptides and neuropeptides? And why are they so important for beautiful, healthy and youthful skin?

Peptides and neuropeptides, like many substances in our bodies can work both for and against us. When we learn to harness the positive power of peptides and neuropeptides, we have an invaluable strategy for reducing inflammation and its aging effects on skin, brain and body.

Today, when we want communicate with our friends, we use the 'stars' of the communications revolution: Twitter, Facebook, instant messaging, email and texting.

A New Definition of Cell Phones
Peptides and neuropeptides are the stars of our own personal cellular messenger system. These protein-like molecules, composed of amino acids, are responsible for the cell to cell communication system in our own bodies. Thanks to much new and brilliant research, hundreds of biologically active peptides have been identified in the human body and there are many more yet to be discovered.

When these peptides deliver their message they cause a change in biological activity that can result in such diverse effects as:
  • Decreased inflammation in every organ system—including skin
  • Increased efficiency of metabolism resulting cellular repair
  • Elevated mood
  • A strong and healthy heart that is resistant to disease
  • Denser bones as we age
  • Decreased risk of certain forms of cancer
  • Repair of the skin
  • Normalization of the metabolism healthy weight loss
  • Immune system repair
When it comes to rejuvenating aging or sun damaged skin, topical neuropeptides can give a whole new look to your "Facebook" profile.

These products came out of the discovery that peptides and neuropeptides produced by the thymus gland stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, both of which are helpful in healing wounds. If we look upon wrinkles as microscopic wounds, logic then dictates that thymic peptides would be beneficial in "healing" wrinkles and other signs of aging skin.

But don't be fooled by marketers claiming that their 'peptide' products are really effective. The neuropeptide topical formulas I have developed contain multiple peptides delivered in a special base that allows the molecules to activate receptor sites for maximum benefits.

To achieve this level of quality and activity, these neuropeptides must be synthesized in a laboratory in small batches with a resultant cost of the peptides of up to $30,000 per kilo. These neuropeptides should not be confused with simple peptide preparations that work by a totally different and simplistic mechanism. Pentapeptides, for example, are not the sophisticated neuropeptides which have to be synthesized on a individual basis. These pentapeptides cost dollars per pound and simply cannot deliver the level of efficacy found in the neuropeptide formulas.

While I can't promise it will help you fall in love, learning how to regulate the tiny cellular messengers known as peptides and neuropeptides, through an integrated three-tiered approach, will help to rejuvenate the skin, brain, and body. I have found these formulas to be the perfect antidote for damaged, mature or fragile skin.

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