A popular question often posed to me during lectures and public appearances is the following: "Dr. Perricone isn't it true that genetics play a huge role in my susceptibility to disease and signs of aging?"

The question is probably asked for several reasons. One reason may be the desire of some people to avoid taking responsibility for their health – assuming that, for good or ill, it is fixed in their genes like their height or their eye color.

As you will discover in my new book, Forever Young, this is far from true. We have a great deal more control of our bodies than previously thought. There is an emerging field of study known as Nutrigenomics. The word nutrigenomics is a combination of nutrition and genomics. Together, they describe a field that focuses on the relationship between diet and gene expression. Nutrigenomic research investigates questions such as how food influences gene expression, and how genes influence the way individuals absorb and metabolize different types of nutrients.

Using Nutrigenomics, I will demonstrate how you can actually change the way genes are expressed and how that information is transmitted, simply by manipulating different aspects of our diet and lifestyle.

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