Dr. Perricone on Acne

“Acne affects almost as many women in their late twenties, thirties and forties, as it does adolescents. My waiting room is frequently filled with both groups eager for acne treatment. And yet we need to develop an entirely new bag of tricks for adult acne treatment in women. To begin with, a woman is unique, and an older woman is even more unique in many different ways—and all of them may coalesce to bring about the onset and flare-ups of acne.” Read more


Acne is a systemic inflammatory disease that can occur in virtually anyone at almost any stage of his or her life. The good news is acne can be controlled with Dr. Perricone’s three-tiered approach to healthy aging and beautiful skin.

Understanding that acne is a product of cellular inflammation is the first step in preventing and treating it. Dr. Perricone recommends following the anti-inflammatory diet, taking targeted nutritional supplements and applying anti-inflammatory topical treatments daily.

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Read on for more information about acne, and how you can integrate the Perricone approach into your beauty regimen for clear and radiant skin.

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