Dr. Perricone Discusses

Wine and Dine?

This time of year is the season to enjoy delicious food, delightful libations and good company. Unfortunately, the libations can be problematical because of the body's proinflammatory response to alcohol.

Having a glass of wine with your meal is not a problem, because wine can provide some important antioxidants called polyphenols that do help protect the body. I suggest drinking a glass of wine with your meal, rather than before, to avoid a rapid rise in blood sugar and the ensuing burst of inflammation throughout the body.

Whether combined with sugary mixers or taken straight, drinking hard liquor causes inflammatory problems in the body. Alcohol is detoxifed by the liver. The alcohol content of hard liquor is very high. The metabolites of alcohol are molecules called aldehydes. Aldehydes cause damage to the cell plasma membrane as well as to various portions of the interior of the cell, causing and inflammatory reaction along with this destruction. In summary, wine is fine, but forget the martini.

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