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Travel can take a toll on the body - especially if you're traveling by air, as many of us are this holiday season. Beyond the stress of packing and arriving on time with the family in tow, there are real potential effects on the body: water retention, dry flaky skin and the more serious threat of blood clots, which can form in the lower legs from sitting for long periods in cramped spaces. Being pregnant, overweight or having varicose veins can increase the risk of blood clots. To arrive looking and feeling better, follow these tips:

Preparing for the Flight
  • Take a high quality omega 3 essential fatty acid fish oil supplement. These natural anti-inflammatories will help prevent blood clots. Take 3 capsules twice a day - the day before, of and following the flight.
  • Take an anti-oxidant rich Skin and Total Body Supplement to bolster immunity and energy.
  • Bring a bag of snacks such as raw seeds, nuts and berries for a quick pick me up.
  • Pack a hydrating snack. One of my favorites is cantaloupe. It's excellent for helping keep skin hydrated from the inside out and provides a good dose of skin clearing vitamin A.
  • For radiant, dewy skin, apply a topical moisturizer with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. For the most powerful boost of hydration, look for products that contain polyenylphosphotidylcholine (PPC). PPC is unsurpassed in protecting and relieving chapped, dry, dehydrated skin as it is extremely compatible with the chief moisturizing agents found in our own skin, which are also phospholipids. The moisturizing action is even more effective and powerful than that of the natural phospholipids we find in our skin and helps to rapidly moisturize severely dehydrated skin. Another bonus of using moisturizers formulated with PPC is that this unique ingredient actually helps to deliver other beneficial nutrients, such as Alpha Lipoic Acid, DMAE and Vitamin C Ester into the skin for enhanced benefits.

While Flying
  • Do not cross your legs. This can impede circulation.
  • Try to get up and walk around as often as possible.
  • Limit alcohol consumption on long flights. Alcohol can dilate blood vessels and restrict blood flow. Ideally, avoid alcohol altogether.
  • Avoid caffeine and pro-inflammatory starches and sugars. The worst meal you can eat is coffee and Danish, which is guaranteed to cause fatigue.
  • Choose fish and fresh vegetables if offered.
  • Drink plenty of bottled spring water to stay hydrated.

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