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Navigating the Thanksgiving Table

Thanks to the pleasures of overindulgence, the holidays are often a time of accelerated aging and weight gain. Even worse is the fact that the aging is visible, especially in the face. Gray pallor, bags under the eyes from stress, too much eggnog and lack of sleep; loss of facial contours from binging on sugars and starches... I think you get the picture and it's not pretty.

Follow these simple tips to successfully navigate the Thanksgiving table, avoiding unwanted weight gain while keeping skin radiant and youthful:
  • Start with the turkey! Eating protein first will prevent rises in blood sugar and curb your appetite.
  • Look for free range organic poultry that contain no antibiotics, growth hormones or other additives.
  • Feeling fatigued? Take a tablespoon of chia seeds and soak in water. Add to a yogurt and fresh fruit smoothie. Not only will you be getting a great source of fat-burning, brain boosting omega-3's you will get a great energy boost.
  • Try to limit your omega-6 intake by avoiding vegetable oils other than olive oil.
  • Buy organic vegetables and eat the skins - the greatest concentration of nutrients and fiber are in the skin or right beneath the skin.
  • Substitute baked organic sweet potatoes for regular potatoes. Bake and serve hot with the skin left on.
  • Sprinkle antioxidant-rich cinnamon on winter squash and sweet potatoes to stabilize blood sugar.
  • Add minced garlic to mashed turnips and squash for flavor and anti-oxidants.
  • Don't buy canned nuts and enjoy nuts in the shell. Especially almonds! A team at the University of Toronto reports that eating almonds can decrease our glycemic (blood-sugar) and insulin responses to high-carbohydrate meals, factors that can increase appetite.
Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

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