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In a recent visit to the New York Flagship store, I had the chance to chat with our highly skilled team of aestheticians, Eileen K., Georgia B., Kim S., Karina Z. and Sueane M. They shared some of their favorite product combinations and tips, which I'd like to share with you today.

Dry Skin
Tip 1: Apply Chia Oil to face as directed and coat ends of hair with excess product.
"I recommend the Chia Oil to my clients not only for the face; but for hydrating the ends of hair and taming fly aways and frizz." - Georgia B.

Tip 2: Apply Blue Plasma before your favorite moisturizer.
"Clients with dry skin report that Blue Plasma helps remove the flakey, dull layer of dead skin cells that tend to be more of a problem in winter. I also hear that they feel it helps their moisturizer penetrate better." - Eileen K.

Tip 3: Add 1 or 2 drops of the Chia Oil Serum to your favorite night treatment for extra hydration. You can also use this trick to nourish extra dry body skin by adding a couple drops of Chia Serum into your favorite body lotion.
"I love mixing a few drops of Chia Serum into my Acyl Glutathione before I go to bed. My skin is so hydrated and I wake up with a beautiful glow in the morning." - Karina Z.

Tip: Apply a couple drops of Blue Plasma to your décolleté under your usual treatment.
"Blue Plasma works miracles to soften skin's texture and minimize redness and discoloration- especially on the chest." - Georgia B.

Enlarged Pores & Breakouts
Tip 1: Apply Blue Plasma onto cleansed skin before a workout for a deeper clean.
"Enlarged pores have always plagued me - until now. My new secret is applying Blue Plasma before I go to my hot yoga class. I look like I've had a deep pore facial by the time class is over." - Kim S.

Tip 2: After applying Blue Plasma to face, apply in any areas prone to breakout on chest or back.
"Blue Plasma works well on areas of the body that are acne-prone, or prone to little bumps, such as the chest and back. It also helps with keratosis pilaris, those little bumps that some people get on the backs of the upper arms." - Eileen K.

Tip: Apply Acyl Glutathione Lid Serum around the entire orbital bone and follow with the Hypoallergenic Firming Eye Cream.
"I have found my absolute favorite eye duo. First, I apply Acyl Glutathione Eye Lid Serum over the entire eye lid and under the eye for a super lift. Then, I gently pat the Hypoallergenic Firming Eye Cream to decrease the look of dark circles and puffiness while locking in hydration." - Karina Z.

Sun Spots & Sun Damage
Tip 1: Apply excess product to back of the hands.
"Clients have been reporting excellent results applying Vitamin C Ester 15 on the back of the hands to minimize sun spots and discoloration." - Eileen K.

Tip 2: Layer Cold Plasma under any treatment or moisturizer for enhanced results.
"Cold Plasma has helped my skin tremendously with redness, broken capillaries around the nose, acne scarring and pigmentation issues. The best part is that I've seen rapid results-both on my skin and my client's." - Sueane M.

Tip 3: Apply Vitamin C Ester 15 in circular motions and follow with Concentrated Restorative Treatment.
"Clients with fair skin tend to have more sun damage and sometimes opt to layer two of our Vitamin C Ester treatments for even faster results. I've seen incredible results with my own hyperpigmentation after combining this duo." - Kim S.

For Men
"My male clients report that Formula 15 is a great treatment for after shaving. It helps take down redness and keeps the facial skin firm." — Sueane M.

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