Exfoliation Simplified

Learn how Blue Plasma Technology supports gentle yet effective exfoliation.
The bad news is that many scrubs, exfoliators and peels are unnecessarily harsh. In fact some contain highly abrasive ingredients that can damage skin. These rather extreme treatments trigger inflammatory markers and result in micro-scarring. The multiple micro-scars lead to macro-scarring and this is known as the ‘birth of a wrinkle.’ The damage can be even more apparent in the delicate eye area.

To get the advantages of exfoliation without the damage or dangers, I have created a special non-acidic peel, safe for even dry skin, to be used on a daily basis. Although it is called a ‘peel,’ Blue Plasma Technology was created to assist the skin’s natural exfoliation process. At the same time, it delivers antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrients to the skin to enhance repair and prevent further damage.

The advantage to this method as opposed to an abrasive clinical facial is that it is non-invasive and not pro-inflammatory. This cutting edge liquid treatment works with Bio-specific Peeling to attack only dead skin cells, Micro-extraction to lift surface debris, unclogging and purifying the skin of build-up and finally Hydro-fusion to rebalance skin's hydration with enriched water. No rinsing needed. Apply and follow with your daily skincare regimen.

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