Dr. Perricone Discusses

Earthing or Grounding

How to connect our body to the Earth

My friend and colleague, board-certified cardiologist and nutritionist, Stephen Sinatra, MD, FACC, CNS has co-authored a fascinating book on the subject of Earthing - a topic many people have never heard of. He recently shared some of this information with me and I believe it is important enough to share with our readers.

As humans evolved, they were always in contact with the Earth - never realizing that its surface contained limitless healing energy. The Earth is quite possibly the biggest "anti-oxidant" there is. Touching the surface of the Earth infuses us with electrons and immediately normalizes and stabilizes the electrical circuitry of our bodies. This we call "grounding" or "earthing". Reconnecting to the Earth's energy can restore and nurture health, improve sleep, reduce pain and inflammation and increase vitality. And when you combine it with the anti-inflammatory diet, it will truly work wonders.

Grounding is simple, safe, natural, and affordable. No pills, prescriptions, or refills required! Reconnecting with the Earth's energy right beneath our feet provides a way back to better health. The profound effect of Grounding can provide healing, calming and balancing effects on our physical, mental and emotional bodies.

One of the best ways is to simply walk on the earth or the sand and barefoot is always the best, although leather soled shoes will also work. Unfortunately the thick synthetic soles of modern shoes prevent the healing energies of the earth from reaching our bodies.

Grounding/Earthing products are what is known as "barefoot substitutes" which allow you to conveniently ground yourself when indoors. This is a great help since getting outside to walk or sit barefoot on the ground is a luxury many of us do not have due to our busy lifestyles, or weather that is not permitting. They do not utilize electricity, but rather the ground port of home outlets. Electrons from the Earth are able to pass from the ground wire of the home (outlets can also be bypassed by utilizing a simple accessory - the ground rod system), into our products and then into the person having skin contact with the products. These barefoot substitutes are durable, safe, and easy to use and clean. Products range from bands, patches, bed sheets, foot and desk pads, mouse pads, flip flops etc. For more information, go to grounded.com. or call 1-800-228-1507.