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15 Years of Beautiful Skin

As the 15th anniversary of Perricone MD approaches, I find myself reflecting on the goals that inspired me to begin this journey. As an educator and physician, I have always loved teaching. In fact, I enjoy nothing more than giving a lecture to medical students on fascinating concepts that are cutting edge and not the usual part of the curriculum. I also greatly enjoy educating my patients, one at a time, about their disease processes and the therapies I recommend. As a nutritionist, dietary recommendations are also an important aspect of their care, one that goes beyond simply writing a prescription.

Prior to starting the Perricone company, my natural curiosity led me to research and subsequently develop intellectual property in the form of patents and proprietary formulations. I realized that my goal was to take my unique educational approach to health to as many people as possible. I also realized that the best way to do that was through writing a book and utilizing the mass media as the platform most suited for introducing this information on a large scale.

When the company was established in 1997, I had already dedicated 20 years of preparation, which included detailed research leading to the creation of multiple formulations. These formulas have proven clinically efficacious and are protected by US and international patents, all contributing the necessary components for a successful venture.

My first book The Wrinkle Cure, presented completely new ideas and information to the reading audience. It included words that were unknown at the time, but have now become household words. What we now think of as common terms such as 'free radicals,' 'antioxidants,' 'oxidative stress,' and 'sub-clinical inflammation,' are now common knowledge and an integral part of our vocabulary. Subsequent books, eight public television specials, numerous appearances on national broadcast media such as Oprah, Good Morning America, the Today Show, The View, 20/20, CNN, and many others have all helped me accomplish my original goal of educating and empowering the general public. It is extremely gratifying to see the positive results from decades of study, research, inspiration, hard work, and continued optimism, in spite of the resistance one often faces when bringing new ideas to the practice of medicine.

These efforts have all combined to lead to a change in our attitudes about how foods can affect health, beauty, longevity and well-being; critical changes needed to help save a society currently eating its way to poor health and obesity.

I have always felt privileged to have had the opportunity to become a physician and educator. It is both an honor and a responsibility to share vital information that helps establish a generation of men and women who can use this knowledge to change not only their own lives, but those of their children and future generations.

My research continues and there are even greater and more efficacious therapies that I will be presenting to my patients and customers.

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