Dr. Perricone is the author of multiple books on skin care, diet and overall health. His books include three New York Times #1 best sellers, The Perricone Promise, The Perricone Prescription, and The Wrinkle Cure as well as the New York Times best seller, The Perricone Weight Loss Diet. His most recent books are Dr. Perricone's 7 Secrets to Beauty, Health and Longevity, and Ageless Face, Ageless Mind.

In his newest bestselling book, Dr. Perricone introduces a new model of aging, whose study has allowed the discovery of exciting new strategies to slow down the clock and halt the damage. Targeted nutrients and nutritional substances can actually change you on a cellular level, by turning off the genes that accelerate aging, obesity and disease and turn on the genes that rejuvenate the body on a mitochondrial level—the part of the cell critical to health and longevity. For the first time, the simple and easily accessible tools that will improve the quality of our lives, to help us look and feel our best as we age, are available.

The Acne Prescription delivers a complete program that incorporates Dr. Perricone's trademark three-tiered approach (anti-inflammatory diet, targeted acne-fighting nutritional supplements, and breakthrough topical applications) that will help you clear your skin in a matter of days. Not only will you see impossible-to-ignore improvement in your skin, the program will help improve your body's overall health and appearance.

This breakthrough book is the culmination of an entire lifetime of work and research into why and how we age. Taking a holistic approach that taps into cutting-edge science, Dr. Nicholas Perricone reveals how to accelerate our cellular metabolism so that we can stay healthy, strong, and energetic, while keeping our skin soft, smooth, and supple. These strategies will help us reverse osteoporosis, restore bone structure and muscle mass, revitalize brain cells, reduce the chances of heart disease and cancer, elevate mood, manage blood sugar, and slim down and stay trim.

Is there a facelift in your refrigerator? Discover the answer in The Wrinkle Cure, which offers a comprehensive plan to address the signs of aging. Dr. Perricone has developed the ultimate diet for healthy skin with cutting-edge research on his wrinkle-defeating program, which reduces fine lines, wrinkles and scars. Dramatic results are visible in just three days—while following the program long term can result in significant positive changes to the skin.

Revealing the miracle of peptides and neuropeptides to slow aging, improve appearance, this bestselling book also introduces the “Brain–Beauty Connection”. With a focus on foods, supplements, and topical formulations, as opposed to drugs which work against the body, results are cumulative and their therapeutic benefits increase each time, resulting in the ultimate strengthening and rejuvenating of all organ systems—including the skin. This program provides you with effective tools to not just slow but actually help reverse the aging process.

By unlocking the secret link between inflammation and unwanted weight gain, Dr. Perricone breaks new ground with an anti-inflammatory plan focusing on the foods, supplements, and exercises with proven ability to accelerate fat loss by increasing metabolism and building and maintaining muscle mass. As an added bonus to following Dr. Perricone’s program, you’ll sleep better, have more energy and less stress, and experience greater mental clarity without experiencing food cravings. Lose the weight, the wrinkles, and the years!

Grounded in hard science, The Perricone Prescription presents a simple, easy-to-follow and affordable program to fight inflammation from both the outside in and the inside out. This revolutionary program will literally transform not just your face but also your total body from head to toe. In less than a month, Dr. Perricone promises devoted followers increased vitality, sharpened cognitive and problem-solving skills, weight loss, improved memory, and an edge in fighting a host of chronic ailments, as well.

This elegant daybook is the perfect companion on your journey to total body and face rejuvenation. Delicious day-by-day menu plans, step-by-step daily skin care routine, tips for staying motivated, inspirational quotes from Dr. Perricone and more.


In The Clear Skin Prescription learn how to take control of the onset and duration of acne as well as how to prevent new lesions from forming. By following Dr. Perricone’s simple 28-Day Program of diet, exercise, and nutritional supplements, and use the recommended topical anti-inflammatories outlined in The Clear Skin Prescription, acne can be resolved without resorting to some of the more common, drastic measures that often produce unpleasant side effects. Learn how to heal yourself from the inside out — and the only side effects you’ll experience are clear, beautiful skin and a rejuvenated body and brain.