Fine Lines and Wrinkles Prescription

Fine lines and wrinkles are often the first and most prominent signs of aging to appear on the skin. Lifestyle habits, environmental stress as well as chronological aging all play a role in how we age. The best way to address these visible signs of aging is to use nutrient antioxidants such as Alpha Lipoic Acid and DMAE, which help not only correct but also prevent future damage. I recommend Formula 15 to anyone concerned with visible wrinkles. This powerful anti-aging treatment harnesses high levels of Alpha Lipoic Acid to help repair wrinkles and DMAE to help firm the skin and create a more smoothed appearance. In fact, clinical studies have shown Formula 15 to have significant improvements in the appearance of the length, width and depth of a wrinkle. When used everyday and followed with Face Finishing Moisturizer, the results are dramatic.

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