Vitamin C Ester
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Vitamin C Ester

Achieving a 15% concentration of Vitamin C Ester in stable form is an exciting breakthrough representing my many years of research. Vitamin C Ester is a powerful molecule in the fight against aging skin. It's derived from the fusion of natural Vitamin C with Palm Oil. This combination creates a fat-soluble chemical bond that delivers optimal benefits to the skin, restoring a smooth surface and imparting unparalleled radiance.

Vitamin C Ester is a powerful molecule in the fight against aging skin.

What makes Vitamin C Ester more effective than Vitamin C alone is its solubility. The solubility of a vitamin, meaning whether it dissolves in water or fat, determines how it is accepted or absorbed by the skin. Furthermore, with antioxidant vitamins, solubility also determines ability to protect against free radical damage.

The natural form of Vitamin C is water soluble, limiting its ability to help prevent free radical damage. What's more, Vitamin C is very acidic which makes it more irritating to the skin. It also breaks down rapidly, losing its potency much quicker. This led me to research a substance called ascorbyl palmitate, also known as Vitamin C Ester.

The first important change I saw when comparing Vitamin C to Vitamin C Ester was that Vitamin C Ester was not acidic, meaning nonirritating. The second most important difference is that Vitamin C ester is fat soluble, improving its ability to fight aging skin. Third, Vitamin C Ester is more stable which means it maintains its potency over a longer period of time. Through many years of research and studies, I came to the conclusion that Vitamin C Ester was the perfect "skin vitamin." Harnessing it at 15% concentration is an incredible advancement in skincare technology and one that you will undoubtedly see the benefits of on your skin.

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