The 28 Day Diet

The 28 Day Diet

Consider a prescription in which the side effects are mental clarity, increased energy and an overall boost in physical wellbeing. Dr. Perricone's 28-Day Diet is, in short, a program for total body and face rejuvenation incorporating nutrition, supplements, exercise and skincare to reduce inflammation to look and feel your best at every age. Never one to conform, Dr. Perricone rejected that lines and wrinkles are an inevitable part of the aging process and found that inflammation caused by poor nutrition, pollution, sunlight, stress and irritating skincare treatments is the true culprit causing damage to the body and increased likelihood of disease.

Through years of research and observation, Dr. Perricone recognized that regardless of where a disease originated and its cause, anti-inflammatories often solved the problem or at least diminished the symptoms. Whenever inflammation is present, more free radicals are triggered resulting in damage to the cell and accelerated aging. What is a free radical? Free radicals are atoms or molecules missing one of two electrons causing them to become unstable and seek completion from the closest molecule. The resulting chain of attacks leads to increased instability and production of additional free radicals. At the opposing end of the spectrum are anti-oxidants which are the cell's defense against free radicals. A diet rich in anti-oxidants and high-quality proteins combined with vitamin supplements will allow you to prevent the aging process from the inside out.

Eat well and often. We cannot store protein in our bodies so we must consistently provide a fresh supply including three meals and two snacks. Dr. Perricone recommends beginning your 28-day journey on a quiet weekend, initially with the 3-Day-Diet. Food choices are far less restrictive in the 28-Day Diet, but the short-term diet will lead you to witness rapid results that will help encourage you to stick to your program for the duration of the month.

Outside of food choices, nutritional supplements increase energy and exercise allows you to become more physically fit, even helping to abate allergy symptoms as overall health improves. Dr. Perricone offers a number of supplements to cater to your particular needs and desired benefits. Almost all exercise has a powerful, positive and anti-inflammatory effect on cells and improves mood, helps to alleviate sleep problems and even protects against risks of some cancers. As important as cardiovascular exercise is that of resistance training and flexibility.

Follow the menu to help achieve “beauty from the inside out and the outside in” and pick up “The Perricone Prescription” for additional information on the program.

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